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Articles on key issues related to the pharma industry from the heads of leading pharmaceutical companies and pharma industry experts across the globe. The pharma industry articles' section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as Strategic developments in the pharma industry, pharmaceutical R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology.

Delivering On The Vast Potential Of Personalized Medicine

Mr Richard W Smith has been Vice President of Global Trade Services at FedEx Express since April 2014 In 2013 Mr Smith gained the US International department of Global Trade Services He served as Managing Director of Life Sciences Specialty Services at FedEx Express since 2009 In 2007 he became a M..

Immature Platelet Fraction- A Clinical Parameter In The Management Of Thrombocytopenia

Kanchan Jeswani is a Product Manager for the department of Hematology at Transasia BioMedicals Ltd She has been providing presale and postsales support through scientific advanced product training as well as conducting CME in institutes and participating in conferences In addition to this Kanchan Je..

The Significance of Process Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry

Edward Simpson is a seasoned Calibration and Technical Engineer working for RS Calibration Inc Edward has a knack for finding faults in machines and does not rest until they are rectified to perfection He lives in Pleasanton CA and can be contacted anytime for matters related to machines He also inv..

Better ways to handle tablets using IBCs

The benefits of using IBCs for efficient and flexible materials handling are widely appreciated and applied in modern facilities Handling tablets in larger single containers offer significant benefits and could reduce manufacturing costs whilst improving production efficiency quality and safety..

Future Pharma

The researchbased pharmaceutical industry plays a very significant role in every nations economy and is considered to be a topperforming hightechnology sector ..

Personalised cell therapy


Pricing Pharmaceuticals in India

Pricing Pharmaceuticals in India

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has to emerge in a way that both producers as well as customers reap the benefits moreover they should think about striking a balance in accordance with the Government for better policies in the sector..

A Practical Approach to the Selection of Cleanroom Disinfectants

A Practical Approach to the Selection of Cleanroom Disinfectants

This article provides guidance for the selection of disinfectants to be used for the biocontamination control of cleanrooms and controlled environments Control is important for product and patient safety The article focuses on factors contributing to microcidal and microstatic properties including c..

Biosimilars Perspective and its Challenges

Biosimilars Perspective and its Challenges

After many years in the slow lane important changes are driving new thrust in the market for Biosimilars paving the way for their accelerated growth over the next decade and beyond..

Why is Good Tablet Design so Important and how to Achieve it?

Why is Good Tablet Design so Important and how to Achieve it?

Good tablet design is imperative and it is something that should be strongly considered It is important to consult with an expert tablet designer as early on in the process as possible who can ensure that tablet designs are not only unique and visually appealing but are also robust and producible in..