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Bachem is the leading independent supplier of peptidic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical market. Since its foundation in 1971, Bachem‘s concepts and technologies pioneered the industrial peptide manufacturing. Our history of firsts drive us to continue developing innovations and we offer a full range of integrated services to bring our partner’s breakthroughs to market.


Bachem offers the world’s largest collection of amino acid derivatives which are used by customers interested in manufacturing peptides. Also solid phase supports for peptide synthesis are available. Other essential product lines are bioactive peptides, enzyme substrates and inhibitors as well as some organic molecules. New products are added to maintain an innovative touch. Strong emphasis is placed on quality.


During preclinical development, lead finding and lead optimization require large panels of peptides. These are generated as custom synthesized molecules for customers around the world. Frequent consultation with Bachem experts allows further refining of target compounds. As such, a clear partnering aspect is required to come up with pioneering concepts and molecules to bring into clinical development.


When clients have selected their lead compound, they commence clinical trials. It is a decade-long process to approval of the drug. During this time, there is a close collaboration to learn more about the product. Each production step is scrutinized and manufacturing reproducibility strived for. Scale-up and full control of the process is targeted. Validation and control of the process is the end result of an intense partnership.


The responsibility to manufacture sufficient drug substance rests on the shoulders of the Contract Manufacturing Organization. This can only be done by being extremely reliable and also by coordinating activities closely with our partners. Forecasting the quantity needed is extremely difficult, especially for new drugs where the commercial success has not been proven. Hence, responsiveness to customer needs becomes paramount.


Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific

Bachem AG
Tel. +41 58 595 2020


Bachem Americas, Inc.,
Tel. +1 888 422 2436 (toll free in USA & Canada),
       +1 310 539 4171

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