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Cell & Gene Therapy Frontiers: pDNA and mRNA Synthesis in Single-Use Bioreactors

The development of cell and gene therapy requires a complex supply chain which has started to emerge in Australia. Southern RNA contributes to this local supply chain by providing high quality reagent and CDMO service such as pDNA and mRNA process development, manufacturing, and quality control.

Participants will learn about

Introduction to Advance Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP - which includes cell and gene therapy) and how pDNA and mRNA play an important role in the supply chain of ATMPs. Overview of the pDNA and mRNA platform process developed by Southern RNA, Overview of the collaboration with Eppendorf in upstream process development. Quality control requirements and overview of Southern RNA QC platform ensuring the quality of pDNA and mRNA.

Who should Attend:

  • pDNA and mRNA academic researchers
  • biotech industry experts
  • cell and gene therapy researchers
  • industry people.

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Karthik Magudeshwaran

Lead Scientist, Southern RNA, Australia

Karthik Magudeshwaran

Mr. Karthikeyan has over 15 years of valuable experience in cGMP biomanufacturing. Throughout his career, he has developed his expertise at leading pharmaceutical companies including Biocon, Intas Pharmaceuticals, Cipla, and Syngene International. Leveraging this extensive background, Karthik currently serves as a Lead Scientist at Southern RNA, based in Queensland, Australia.


Mr.Ananth Sharan

Senior Infield Application Specialist- Eppendorf Asia Pacific Africa

Ananth Sharan

Ananth Sharan holds master’s degree in biotechnology from Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India. He has joined Eppendorf in 2019 and since then working as Application specialist with focus on assisting the Asia Pacific and Africa bioprocess customers with process and application related topics. Prior to joining Eppendorf, he has an extensive experience of more than 16 years in biopharmaceutical industry with expertise in R&D and Manufacturing of different vaccine and therapeutic products