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Chirin Group, in collaboration with Covar Pharmaceuticals

Monday, April 06, 2020

The discovery of biopharmaceutical companies focusing on developing new therapeutics to address unmet needs in areas such as infectious, rare and metabolic diseases The Population (Nasdaq: APM) (Aptram Group)  announced that it has launched a new R & D project targeting the coronavirus group and has completed initial screening with the Smart-ACT ™ platform, a repurposing drug discovery platform.

The aim is to select at least three candidates from more than 2,600 approved small molecule drugs for further preclinical research on a new coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Chirin Group is collaborating with Toronto-based Covar Pharmaceuticals, and with the Department of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, prior to seeking regulatory approval to initiate clinical trials for the best candidate. Has signed an agreement to conduct further preclinical research on.

In particular, Chirin will focus on research on at least three small molecule drugs (collectively, SACT-COV19). These have been shown to have potential effects on enzyme targets, 3CL protease and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP), and both enzymes play a pivotal role in the COVID-19 replication cycle. Specifically, 3CL protease is thought to mediate viral replication and transcription through a wide range of proteolytic processes, while RDRP is an enzyme thought to be a catalyst for replicating RNA from viral RNA templates. . These candidates will undergo further preclinical evaluation of their effects on COVID-19. Chirin Group has filed a patent application for the above candidate.

For ongoing research and preclinical activities, Chirin is working with Toronto-based Covar Pharmaceuticals and has signed an agreement with Hong Kong University to conduct this activity. Covar Pharmaceutical's team (consisting of former experts at Paseon and GlaxoWelcome) 1 has a wealth of experience in drug discovery and drug development and is backed by GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities. The microbiology team of University of Hong Kong has contributed to the discovery of the SARS virus in the epidemic of 2003 2 , is currently actively involved in each of their own research interests, the development of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus 3 and cooperating with other organizations to develop physical equipment for monitoring of COVID-19 4 .

In addition, the Chirin Group is seeking additional partners globally to further advance the SACT-COV19 development initiative, and interested parties are encouraged to contact us to consider collaboration opportunities.

As part of its existing pipeline, Chirin Group is also working on the development of a number of infectious disease indications with the Acticule platform, including its own antiviral small molecule candidate for influenza control (ALS-1), Covar Pharmaceuticals is also supporting its development in North America, including the antiviral non-bactericidal small molecule candidate (ALS-4) for the control of Staphylococcus aureus infections as a lead program for S. aureus.

"We are pleased to announce that the company has a strong reputation as a leader in the industry," said Ian Huen, CEO of Chirin Group. "COVID-19 disease is highly contagious, to expand around the world, has brought a great deal of confusion and damage in progress. Cases were confirmed in the world more than 70 million cases at the time today 5 , World Health Organization Declared COVID-19 a pandemic, despite the fact that an increasing number of existing and early-stage pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop vaccine-based COVID-19 treatments. Consider urgent need to struggle with the disease multiple times and urgently: To accelerate development, we identify candidates from existing approved drugs with established clinical profiles of safety, toxicity and pharmacokinetics The coronavirus is mutating and evolving, so further variants of this coronavirus may occur in the near future. Can be excluded Therefore, the world must work together to address these difficult challenges quickly, minimizing damage and economic loss. In combination with Acticule's infectious disease development capabilities, and with the support of Covar Pharmaceuticals, we will develop potential solutions, We are in a good position to make a reasonable contribution. "

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