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Chugai Pharmaceutical, OMRON, and OMRON SINIC X Collaborate on Testing Human-Friendly Lab Automation System

Friday, July 14, 2023

Chugai Pharmaceutical, OMRON Corporation, and OMRON SINIC X Corporation are collaborating to automate research processes in drug discovery. The verification testing of the system is being carried out at Chugai's research centre, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama.

The joint collaboration between three parties aims to automate research processes in order to enhance the efficiency and quality of drug discovery research while enabling new experimental activities. The project focuses on developing a flexible lab automation system that offers greater freedom, versatility, and compatibility with human researchers compared to existing systems.

In contrast to the difficulties encountered in handling numerous and diverse devices and apparatus used by researchers in existing systems, this joint project deploys OMRON's Sensing & Control + Think technology, which is aligned with the goal of empowering people through automation. 

This technology allows for the integration and management of diverse devices and apparatus used by researchers, addressing the challenges associated with handling numerous and varied equipment in existing systems. By utilising this technology, the partners are creating a lab automation system optimised for drug discovery research.

This joint research aims to develop a highly adaptable and human-friendly lab automation system that enables drug discovery researchers to conduct more innovative experiments. The technologies developed through this collaboration will be utilised by OMRON and OSX to accelerate their efforts in addressing societal challenges through the empowerment of individuals via automation in their respective domains.

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