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Duoning and Bioelectronica Collaborate to Launch Advanced Single-Cell Sorting System for Antibody Discovery

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Duoning Biotechnology Group, a leading provider of bioprocess solutions in China, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Bioelectronica, a company specializing in tools for single-cell and single-bacteria research. This collaboration aims to advance the global commercialization of the Hypercell® high-throughput single-cell sorting system and related products. Together, the two companies seek to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for antibody discovery utilizing advanced target cell screening technology.

Monoclonal antibodies are pivotal in the life sciences industry, particularly in treating tumors and autoimmune diseases. However, the traditional process of discovering these antibodies is often slow and inefficient. Hypercell® addresses this challenge by employing bright-field single B cell sorting technology, along with advanced microfluidics and AI-driven visual recognition, to screen tens of thousands of single cells within just two hours. This high-throughput system is user-friendly and capable of completing cell sorting within a day, significantly reducing the development timeline for antibodies, ADCs, and cell therapy.

Bioelectronica brings expertise in single-cell and single-bacteria sorting technologies, enabling comprehensive solutions for biological research. Duoning, with its extensive global sales network and robust bioprocess platform, is the preferred partner for this collaboration. Both companies will support researchers in precise cell manipulation and efficient screening, accelerating antibody development and streamlining biopharmaceutical R&D processes.

Duoning, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Bioelectronica’s advanced single-cell sorting technologies and strong product development capabilities. "Our collaboration will address the demand for top-tier scientific instruments and comprehensive bioprocess solutions," said Gu. "We aim to introduce premium domestic instruments to the international market, enhancing the efficiency of antibody discovery and development worldwide."

Bioelectronica emphasized the benefits of combining Bioelectronica’s high-throughput, rapid single-cell sorting technology with Duoning’s reliable bioprocess solutions. "This partnership will offer end-to-end solutions, from cell screening to process optimization, delivering significant value to the biopharmaceutical industry," said Sun. He looks forward to creating more benefits for the industry through this collaboration with Duoning.



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