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Everest Medicines Introduces NEFECON® to Mainland China with Commercial Launch and First Prescription

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Everest Medicines (HKEX 1952.HK), a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing medicines and vaccines, has announced the successful launch of NEFECON® in China, marking a significant advancement in the treatment of IgA nephropathy (IgAN). IgAN is prevalent in China, where it constitutes a substantial portion of primary glomerular diseases. Current treatments often fall short in addressing the underlying disease progression.

NEFECON®'s launch signifies a crucial milestone for Everest and a breakthrough for IgAN patients in China. The product, a delayed-release capsule, has undergone extensive research and development, receiving recognition from regulatory bodies such as China's NMPA and the FDA in the United States. It's the first non-oncology therapy to earn Breakthrough Therapy Designation in China and the first FDA-approved treatment for IgAN.

Rogers Yongqing Luo, Everest Medicines' CEO, expressed gratitude to all involved parties, especially the clinical investigators and patients, for their role in bringing NEFECON® to market in China. With millions of IgAN patients in China and a considerable number of new diagnoses each year, there's a pressing need for effective treatments.

NEFECON®'s efficacy in protecting renal function and reducing disease progression has been demonstrated in studies. Professor Zhang Hong highlighted its ability to delay the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation and reduce urinary protein and hematuria. Professor Xie Jingyuan emphasized the urgent need for targeted treatments in Asia, where IgAN poses a significant medical burden.

Recent analyses presented at the World Congress of Nephrology 2024 suggest NEFECON®'s potential in delaying kidney function decline without compromising patients' quality of life. Positive results from the Open Label Extension study further validate its efficacy and safety for long-term use.

The launch of NEFECON® in China opens avenues for enhanced patient care. Everest Medicines is committed to improving accessibility and affordability through innovative approaches. Initiatives such as internet hospitals and patient assistance programs aim to expedite medication delivery and support patients financially.

NEFECON®'s unique formulation, a delayed-release capsule of budesonide, targets mucosal B-cells in the ileum, addressing the disease at its origin. Everest Medicines' partnership with Calliditas extends its exclusive rights to develop and commercialize NEFECON® in various territories.

In summary, the launch of NEFECON® in China signifies a significant stride in IgAN treatment, offering hope to patients in need of effective therapies.



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