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FLEXcon Announces Global Launch of New PHARMcal® Portfolio for Pharmaceutical Labeling

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

FLEXcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the relaunch of its FLEXcon® PHARMcal® line of track and trace solutions featuring engineered films with exceptional printability, robust adhesion and optimized liners for vials, syringes and ampules, over-the-counter medications, conceal applications, cryogenic labeling, tamper-evidence, and blood bag labeling.

The line reduces complexity with a simplified product offering organized by end-use application, making it easier for customers and specifiers to select appropriate products for their intended use. All products are available globally, with several being available from Quick-Ship. These highly engineered, industry-proven solutions feature some of the company’s most high-performing adhesives, with raw material components locked down to ensure consistent quality and performance.

“This consolidated product portfolio covers all the bases,” says Lori Bitar, product manager healthcare, FLEXcon. “Moving forward, both label converters and material specifiers can rest assured that the product they choose is appropriate for their application, and that quality and performance will be consistent whether they’re producing a vaccine label, clinical trial label, plasma label or tamper-evident box closure.”

All of FLEXcon’s PHARMcal® products have been thoroughly tested for durability and performance. Custom testing in the company’s DAP-certified lab is available for testing against specific application requirements as well as competitive product analysis.

Product families include PHARMcal® SUPREME for vials, syringes, and ampules; PHARMcal® OTC for over-the-counter drug labeling; PHARMcal® CONCEAL™ for covering existing labels; PHARMcal® CryoFLEX™ for extreme storage conditions; PHARMcal® TAMPERmark™ for security and counterfeit protection, and PHARMcal® BIOmark for asset tracking of blood materials.

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