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GC Labs and Two Clinical Diagnostic Companies Enter the Collaboration for the New Lab Testing Service

Thursday, March 03, 2022

GC Labs (CEO, Dr. Eun-hee Lee), the leading clinical diagnostics company in Korea, today announced the new lab testing service agreement with two partners: Bio Lab in Bahrain and Biotrust in Cambodia.

Since the start of year 2022, GC Labs has actively established business partnership with global diagnostics companies.

In January, GC Labs officially signed the lab testing service agreement with two clinical diagnostic companies in Middle East: contract extension with Life DX to expand its sales area from UAE to Saudi, Oman, and Egypt, and new agreement with PML, based in Jordan.

Subsequently, GC labs has added two more partnerships, accelerating the expansion in global partnership. By signing the agreement, GC labs is expected to provide both companies with testing service and expand its footprint with a solid presence in Asia and Middle East.

E.H. Lee from GC Labs said “With positive feedbacks regarding its testing service (Fast Turn Around Time & Accurate results) from existing clients, many clients around the world have currently expressed interest in acquiring testing service partnership.

I am confident that GC Labs could continue business expansion overseas with our cutting-edge testing service. The fact that GC Labs secured 4 new deals in two months seems to be enough to support the assertion.”

GC Labs has strengthened its presence globally in partnership with 12 partners in 10 different countries, mainly covering Asia and Middle East. GC Labs will continue to create new business opportunities with the aim to gain a strong position in global diagnostics market.

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