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Ginkgo Bioworks Strengthens Next-Gen CAR Designs Through Acquisition of Modulus Therapeutics' Cell Therapy Assets

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) made an announcement today regarding the acquisition of Modulus Therapeutics' cell therapy platform assets, which include their chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) and switch receptor libraries.

Modulus Therapeutics specializes in cell engineering, focusing on developing next-generation cell therapies for autoimmune diseases. Unlike traditional cell therapy design methods, Modulus employs a combinatorial approach to construct and evaluate cell therapy components that collaborate to produce innovative cell behaviors.

Utilizing its platform, Modulus has crafted and evaluated libraries of novel NK-specific and T-cell specific CAR and switch receptor designs, which offer enhanced control and performance of immune cell-based therapies. This technology holds promise in improving the safety and efficacy of cell therapies by enabling more precise control over activation and targeting. Modulus' CAR-NK and CAR-T components are engineered to boost proliferation and cytotoxicity, even in challenging cellular environments, leading to a more profound and enduring response against target cells.

These assets from Modulus complement Ginkgo's existing extensive capabilities in cell therapy. With this acquisition, Ginkgo aims to support its clients in enhancing the performance of T-cell and NK-cell-based CAR therapies for treating solid tumors, autoimmune conditions, and other diseases.

Jason Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, expressed excitement about integrating Modulus Therapeutics' remarkable cell therapy assets into Ginkgo's substantial capabilities. He emphasized the seamless integration of Modulus' CAR and switch receptor designs and libraries into their existing infrastructure and offerings. Kelly affirmed their readiness to leverage these assets to benefit their clients and contribute to transformative advancements in CAR and cell therapies.

Max Darnell, CEO and co-founder of Modulus Therapeutics, highlighted their mutual commitment to advancing access to cutting-edge cell therapy innovation. He expressed satisfaction that Ginkgo Bioworks shares this vision and can utilize their technology to drive progress in oncology and autoimmune cell therapies. Darnell eagerly anticipated seeing their innovative designs deployed across a range of Ginkgo-partnered programs.

Ginkgo's platform enables its partners to explore CAR domains with various functional roles and structural positions sourced from diverse immune cell types. This approach to cell therapy discovery empowers partners to thoroughly investigate the therapeutic activities a CAR can offer. Ginkgo's previous partnerships and presentations at prominent conferences underscore their dedication to advancing CAR-T research and development. The acquisition of Modulus' assets is expected to further bolster Ginkgo's offerings in this field.



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