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INtRON Enters into an Evaluation License and Option Agreement for SAL200

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

iNtRON Biotechnology, operating under the name iNtRON and found at, announced today that they have entered into an "EVALUATION LICENSE AND OPTION AGREEMENT" with Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd of Allschwil, Switzerland, granting Basilea the option to pursue an exclusive license for the antibacterial bio-drug SAL200, also known as Tonabacase.

Basilea, headquartered in Switzerland, is a well-established biopharmaceutical company with expertise in the development of anti-infective drugs. They have successfully developed and commercialized "Cresemba®," a treatment for invasive fungal infections, and "Zevtera®," a treatment for bacterial infections. Basilea possesses significant knowledge in late-stage clinical development and commercialization.

Basilea conducted a review of certain preclinical and clinical data to assess the clinical potential of SAL200 and subsequently entered into this agreement with iNtRON to conduct evaluation studies aimed at determining the optimal clinical development program for SAL200.

iNtRON will receive an initial upfront payment upon the execution of this agreement and will receive an additional payment if Basilea exercises the option to negotiate an exclusive license agreement after the evaluation period, which can last up to one year. Certain essential terms of the exclusive license agreement have been pre-agreed upon alongside the current agreement. The financial terms of the contract remain confidential.

iNtRON has been actively discussing the exclusive license agreement with Basilea, who has shown keen interest in SAL200. It was determined that Basilea is a suitable partner for the further development and commercialization of SAL200 in the field of infectious disease, and iNtRON has signed the agreement to ensure the progress of SAL200.

iNtRON, stated, "Basilea is a suitable partner since they have a strong track record in developing and commercializing anti-infective drugs, and they are a stable company with ample clinical development experience, including a recent NDA submission to the US FDA." He added, "We are confident that the planned evaluation tests will significantly increase the probability of a successful Phase 2 study. With a partner who already possesses commercialization capabilities, we believe in the success of SAL200."

SAL200 is a novel endolysin-based anti-staphylococcal drug designed for injection. Its active pharmaceutical ingredient is the recombinant phage endolysin SAL-1, derived from the staphylococcus-specific bacteriophage SAP-1. SAL200 has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating staphylococci-associated infections, including MSSA, MRSA, and other drug-resistant bacteria, through prior in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies. The phase 1a, 1b MAD, and 2a study for SAL200 was completed in Korea, and further development is expected to be conducted globally. The IND application for the US Phase 2 study has been approved by the FDA.



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