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JSR Life Sciences expands production capacity at KBI Biopharma

Thursday, May 25, 2017

JSR Life Sciences (JLS) announced that KBI Biopharma (KBI), a subsidiary of JSR Corporation (JSR), manufacturing capacities and capabilities of their facilities in Durham , North Carolina and Boulder, Colorado. KBI is investing around 30 million US dollars in two site expansion projects. This should significantly improve the offers at each location. The completion of the projects is planned for later in the year.

In its facility in Durham KBI is working on possibilities for the commercial production of mammalian cell cultures. Here are also production lines for cGMP cell cultures for clinical production. KBI's strong development capabilities and the company's track record in the clinical mass production of drug agents form the basis for the company's expansion into commercial manufacturing. After completion of the project, the commercial production line will consist of 2x2000L one-way bioreactors and all suites required for recovery and downstream purification. This will complement the already solid services of the plant for process development, analysis and formulation.

In Boulder, KBI is currently offering commercial manufacturing capacities for microbial processes on the 1500L scale and is now building a second complete production line with 300L fermentation capacities using disposable technologies. With this additional smaller-scale capability, KBI can be confident that the company will continue to meet the needs of its customers for process development and clinical manufacturing, as well as the need for the commercial manufacture of low-dose microbial products.

This expansion represents the continuation of KB's continued growth following the takeover of its manufacturing facility for cell therapies in the Houston, Texas region in February. KBI also plans to open a laboratory for analysis services at JSR's subsidiary JSR Micro NV in the first quarter of 2018 in Europe In Leuven, Belgium. This expansion will enable KBI to provide the European market with high-quality analytic characterization and cGMP testing services, which remain the core of KBI's business activities. In the analytical laboratory in Belgium there will also be room for the ongoing cooperation between KBI and JLS in the expansion and improvement of the JLS 'A3 product line Amsphere ™.

"These expansions are driving our vision for growth and gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers in all areas of the biopharmaceutical industry," said Tim Kelly, Managing Director of KBI. "We are strengthening our capacity for existing services and are expanding into new technologies that enable KBI to function as a true partner and trusted advisor to our customers, given the continued growth of our industry."

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