Kaleido Biosciences and CoreBiome Partner to Accelerate Microbiome Therapeutic Development

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kaleido Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel chemistries to unlock the power of the human microbiome, today announced an agreement with CoreBiome, a genomics platform company focused on accelerating microbiome innovation with expert genomics and big-data analytics, to provide high-scale and high-content microbiome data to increase the speed and productivity of Kaleido’s clinical development and discovery programs.

Under the terms of this agreement, Kaleido has committed that over the next 12 months, CoreBiome will conduct its proprietary BoosterShot shotgun sequencing service on tens of thousands of microbiome samples from Kaleido’s recently completed and ongoing clinical studies, in addition to samples from their proprietary screening platform. The data from this collaboration combines with physiological data, metabolomics, and high-throughput screening assays to enable deep insights into how Kaleido’s chemistries invoke changes in microbiome function.

“The industry standard for microbiome profiling to date has been 16S rRNA sequencing, however at Kaleido, we have found that 16S leaves many questions unanswered,” said Geoffrey von Maltzahn, co-founder and President of Kaleido Biosciences. “The BoosterShot platform enables us to better resolve individual bacterial species, and additionally it provides us with valuable information to decode functional signals. Corebiome’s technology plays a significant role in our overall computational biology program and is helping us resolve structure-activity relationships and design novel, specific and highly effective compounds to modulate microbiomes in a variety of applications.”

"We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Kaleido Biosciences to accelerate their innovative clinical development programs,” said Dan Knights, co-founder and CEO of CoreBiome. “This partnership represents a validation of our mission at CoreBiome. By integrating cutting-edge genomics and informatics, we can help our partners rapidly scale their microbiome discovery process so they can get products to market faster.”