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Lexogen Launches LUTHOR High-Definition Single-Cell 3' mRNA-Seq Kit, Paving the Way for a Revolution in Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Lexogen is thrilled to introduce the LUTHOR High-Definition Single Cell 3' mRNA-Seq Kit, a groundbreaking innovation in genomics and transcriptomics that redefines standards for single-cell RNA sequencing.

LUTHOR HD employs a cutting-edge protocol for High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing, capable of detecting even a single gene copy within a cell. This enables researchers to unveil the complete transcriptome of each cell, capturing 95% of expressed genes at a 1 million read depth.

The exceptional sensitivity of LUTHOR HD is attributed to its innovative THOR (T7 High-resolution Original RNA amplification) technology. Unlike conventional single-cell RNA-Seq protocols that amplify RNA from cDNA, LUTHOR HD directly amplifies RNA from the original mRNA. This overcomes limitations associated with low-copy transcripts, making it a vital tool for comprehensive gene expression profiling.

Lexogen, highlighted, "One of the most significant challenges in single-cell RNA sequencing has been the detection of low-copy genes, which play crucial roles in cellular function. LUTHOR HD addresses this challenge directly, allowing researchers to explore the full spectrum of gene expression in single cells."

LUTHOR HD streamlines the process by eliminating the need for RNA purification, mRNA enrichment, or ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion. This not only simplifies the workflow but also reduces costs, making it an ideal choice for researchers.

Lexogen's LUTHOR HD marks a new era in single-cell RNA sequencing, providing researchers with unparalleled sensitivity, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. By unlocking the hidden secrets of single-cell transcriptomes, LUTHOR HD promises to advance our understanding of cellular biology and drive groundbreaking discoveries in genomics.

Concurrently with the product launch, Lexogen is excited to present a detailed exploration of High-Definition Single-Cell RNA sequencing in the November edition of Nature Methods. Researchers, scientists, and genomics enthusiasts can access the complete Technical Application Note on the Nature website.



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