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MIRA Pharmaceuticals and Memorial Sloan Kettering in Talks to Partner on Preclinical Cancer Pain Model Utilizing New Oral Ketamine Analog

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MIRA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIRA), a pharmaceutical company focused on neurologic and neuropsychiatric disorders at the pre-clinical stage, has announced advanced discussions with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). The talks revolve around starting a preclinical study to evaluate Ketamir-2, MIRA's novel oral ketamine analog, for managing cancer-related pain and depression.

This potential collaboration with MSK, a top cancer center globally, is seen as a significant validation of Ketamir-2's potential. MIRA aims to broaden the application of its compound beyond ongoing studies in various mental health disorders.

Currently, MSK uses intravenous (IV) ketamine among other methods to treat refractory cancer pain. MIRA's oral ketamine analog offers a promising alternative due to its anticipated high oral bioavailability and lack of interaction with mu opioid receptors, potentially enhancing safety. Oral administration is more convenient and less invasive than IV treatments, potentially enabling at-home management. The collaboration seeks to assess Ketamir-2's effectiveness in alleviating cancer pain symptoms compared to non-oral ketamine administration in rodent models. Concurrently, MIRA explores Ketamir-2's effects on neuropathic pain in collaboration with Pharmaseed Ltd.

MIRA Pharmaceuticals, sees the potential partnership with MSK as highly validating, highlighting Ketamir-2's promise to transform oncology pain treatment.

Dr. Amitabh Gulati, Director Chronic Pain at MSK and Board Member of Cancer Pain Research Consortium, acknowledges the promising role of ketamine-like compounds in cancer pain treatment. He expresses excitement about MIRA's compounds potentially improving the lives of cancer pain patients.

MIRA's novel oral ketamine analog aims to offer a safe and effective alternative for managing cancer pain and associated depression. Successful preclinical outcomes could accelerate FDA approval processes, paving the way for Investigational New Drug Application for Ketamir-2 and opening avenues for non-dilutive funding.

MIRA Pharmaceuticals, envisions a transformation in cancer pain management standards through this collaboration, emphasizing Ketamir-2's potential to address depression prevalent among cancer patients.

Cancer pain affects a significant portion of cancer patients, with studies indicating its prevalence and the high incidence of associated depression. MIRA's innovative approach aims to alleviate these burdensome symptoms, potentially reshaping the landscape of oncology therapeutics.



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