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New CAS BioFinder Platform Revolutionizes Drug Discovery with Cutting-Edge Insights, Innovation, and Efficiency

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Today, CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specializing in scientific knowledge management, introduced the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform™. This comprehensive life sciences tool is designed to provide unprecedented data connections, revealing novel insights and accelerating pre-clinical drug discovery.

"Scientists in drug discovery are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of scientific data," stated Manuel Guzman, President of CAS. "Partnering with CAS enables R&D organizations to efficiently navigate this extensive information, speeding up the development of innovative, life-saving drugs."

The platform leverages the CAS Content Collection™, the world’s largest and most meticulously curated scientific database, which includes data on biological sequences, structure-activity relationships, ADME measurements, toxicity, and newly added biomarker information linked to diseases and drugs. The predictive capabilities and analytics of the platform are built on Chemotargets CLARITY® technology.

With AI-powered technology and an intuitive visual interface, the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform is designed to serve drug discovery scientists in their research, much like CAS SciFinder® has served chemists for years.

Users of the platform can explore empirical data and run predictive models to assess the potential effects of new molecules. The platform also provides API access to bioactivity and biomarker data, allowing scientists to integrate this information with their own in-house models. Over time, the platform will offer fully integrated innovation capabilities across various data, research, and workflow needs.

To ensure the platform meets the specific needs of drug discovery scientists, CAS formed a Life Sciences Industry Advisory Board last year, comprising global thought leaders from commercial, academic, and government organizations. Feedback from early industry partners has also been crucial in refining the platform.

"Our mission with the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform is to support drug discovery scientists in advancing their research efficiently and confidently," said Dr. Michael Dennis, Chief Scientific Officer of CAS. "The platform enables scientists to find, compile, understand, and trust the scientific content they need, seamlessly run analytical and predictive models, and discover answers and insights that propel their research forward, leading to quicker breakthroughs in drug discovery."

The CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform will continue to evolve, with ongoing enhancements to better serve the needs of drug discovery scientists.



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