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Onconova Therapeutics Announces Plan for Expanding Rigosertib Clinical Trials for Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) to South America with Pint Pharma

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc., a Phase 3-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel products to treat cancer, with a primary focus on myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), today announced that its commercial partner, Pint Pharma GmbH, will assist in expanding access to clinical trials studying rigosertib, a novel and targeted anti-cancer compound currently in a Phase 3 study for the treatment of MDS, to several selected sites across South America. Pint Pharma is a European-based pharmaceutical company focused on the development, registration and commercialization of specialty-based treatments for the Latin American market and has successfully participated in clinical trials for hematological cancers.

“This assistance will help make rigosertib available to cancer patients on a fifth continent, following our ongoing clinical trials in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We are delighted to partner with Pint Pharma, which has a wide footprint in South and Central America, with first-hand experience in running clinical trials for malignant hematological disorders,” said Dr. Ramesh Kumar, CEO of Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.

“We are excited to start helping Onconova open new clinical sites in Latin America. We are hopeful that Onconova will be able to start recruiting patients as soon as possible to continue the development of IV and Oral Rigosertib,” said David Munoz, Chief Executive Officer of Pint Pharma. He added, “Rigosertib is highly complementary to our comprehensive hematology oncology portfolio, and will further strengthen our mission to enable the Latin American population with life-threatening conditions to live better lives by providing early and efficient access to innovative technologies.”

Dr. Steven Fruchtman, President and Chief Medical Officer of Onconova, is working closely with Dr. Valnei Canutti, General Manager, Brazil, and Chief Medical Officer of Pint. Dr. Fruchtman commented, “Completion of the INSPIRE Trial and expanding the potential utility of rigosertib for cancer patients are our core objectives and we are delighted that our commercial partner will assist us in recruiting patients in the INSPIRE trial. There is a great medical need and interest to conduct studies in patients with higher risk MDS in this geographical region.”

Dr. Canutti added, “We are looking forward to working with Dr. Fruchtman on this important initiative.  My prior experience in MDS and our connections with Key Opinion Leaders across this continent will be greatly helpful as we collaborate with Onconova.”

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