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Oxforb BioTherapeutics expands its strategic collaboration with WuXi Biologics

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WuXi Biologics (2269.HK), a leading global open source biological technology platform company offering integrated solutions for discovery, development and biological and Oxford manufacturing BioTherapeutics Ltd. ("OBT"), a clinical stage oncology company with a portfolio of immuno-oncological treatments and joint antibody drugs, today announced the expansion of its strategic and innovative immuno-oncology (IO) alliance through the that OBT will investigate, develop and market five novel bispecific antibodies for various types of cancer using the WuXiBody ™ platform owned by WuXi Biologics.

This agreement brings together OBT's discovery and target development experience with WuXi's extensive expertise in the development of world-class bispecific antibodies to offer value to both companies while OBT works to develop and market this attractive portfolio of cancer drugs. of the next generation based on antibodies. WuXi Biologics will receive an advance payment in addition to commercial development, regulatory and business milestone payments up to $ 450 million and will be entitled to royalties based on global sales of these bispecific antibodies.

"Our immuno-oncological collaboration (IO) with WuXi Biologics, using the WuXiBody ™ platform and the PD-L1 antibody in the clinical mid-stage, is a significant step for OBT to deepen and expand our large first-class IO portfolio," he said. Dr. Christian Rohlff, executive director of Oxford BioTherapeutics. "The combination of novel second-generation IO drugs of OBT with a single-entity check trajectory, with the wide potential use in many types of solid and fluid tumors, has been designed to generate novel treatments for patients who are not They benefit from existing IO drugs The innovative products of this collaboration, which combine multiple modalities of treatment in a single agent, will improve the risk / benefit ratio, reduce costs and optimize their future commercial potential This agreement will allow us to differentiate our development strategy of existing IO treatment products and general products that will play a key role in the future landscape of oncology treatment.

"We are pleased to expand our strategic collaboration with OBT to include the proprietary platform WuXiBody ™, this is the 3rd collaboration we have signed since we presented this amazing platform in September of this year," commented Dr. Chris Chen, executive director of WuXi Biologics. "The rapid adoption of our proprietary WuXiBody ™ proprietary platform confirms our belief that this platform addresses the most technical limitations of current bispecific platforms and can significantly reduce the cost, potentially, of making these biological products. of 16g ??/ L in cell cultures, a purity of 95 +% after purification of Protein A in one step and a yield of 95 +% for step Protein A. WuXi Biologics will continue to invest in the development of technology of the following generation, global leader to transform discovery, development and biological manufacturing. "

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