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Pixelgen Technologies Secures Distribution Agreement in the Japanese Market

Friday, February 02, 2024

Pixelgen Technologies® has recently announced a non-exclusive agreement with BioStream Co. Ltd in Japan for the distribution of its spatial proteomics tools designed for single cells. The collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for Pixelgen's first product in spatial proteomics for single cells, launched last year.

Annika Branting, Chief Commercial Officer at Pixelgen, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, stating, "We are extremely pleased to partner with BioStream, a world-class and well-established distributor in Japan. With growing demand for our first product, this distribution agreement marks an important first step toward establishing a strong global distribution network. We look forward to a successful collaboration with BioStream, and to offering easy access to our products across geographies."

The Pixelgen Single Cell Spatial Proteomics Kit, Immunology Panel I, Human (Pixelgen SCSP Kit), commercially launched in June 2023, is the pioneering product that provides insights into spatial polarization and co-localization of proteins on the cell surface in high-multiplex, 3D format, using next-generation sequencing (NGS). This kit utilizes Pixelgen's proprietary Molecular Pixelation (MPX) technology, which employs DNA instead of light-based technologies for spatial analyses of immune cell surface proteins.

Takeshi Iwabuchi, President of BioStream, highlighted Japan's significance in cell biology research and expressed excitement about introducing Pixelgen's Single Cell Proteomics Kit to the market. Iwabuchi anticipates that Pixelgen's innovative approach, utilizing NGS to understand the cell-surface proteome of single cells, will advance research applications ranging from immunology to immunotherapy and hematology.

Professor Yutaka Suzuki from the University of Tokyo, known for his research in single-cell sequencing and spatial sequencing of cancer and disease samples, emphasized the critical role of gaining a better understanding of immune landscapes for personalized disease treatments. Suzuki looks forward to utilizing Pixelgen's Molecular Pixelation technology in investigating the surface proteome of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) to discern variations in elderly individuals' responses to COVID vaccinations based on their history of chemotherapy.



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