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Prozomix and Ginkgo Bioworks Partner on Advancing Sustainable API Manufacturing Through Next-Gen Enzyme Development

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Prozomix, a UK-based biotech company specializing in innovative biocatalyst discovery and manufacturing, has formed a new partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), a company focused on cell programming and biosecurity. The collaboration aims to expand the production of next-generation enzyme plates for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing. By combining Ginkgo's Enzyme Services and advanced AI/ML models with Prozomix's extensive enzyme libraries and manufacturing expertise, the partnership seeks to revolutionize enzyme-based API production.

This collaboration also marks Prozomix's entry into Ginkgo's Technology Network, an ecosystem of technology partners dedicated to driving innovation in customer R&D programs. Ginkgo's Technology Network brings together partners in AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing to provide comprehensive solutions for successful R&D outcomes. With Prozomix now part of this network, Ginkgo's customers gain access to scalable contract manufacturing services, including enzyme samples ranging from milligrams to kilograms.

The pharmaceutical industry has increasingly turned to biocatalysts in commercial API manufacturing to enhance supply chain sustainability and reduce costs. Existing enzyme plates enable rapid screening of potential candidates early in development, crucial for identifying and mitigating risks associated with biocatalyst adoption. The effectiveness of biocatalyst adoption depends heavily on the diversity and performance of enzymes available in these plates.

Prozomix and Ginkgo are collaborating to develop a new generation of biocatalysts utilizing data from previous enzyme libraries. Ginkgo will leverage its vast metagenomic database and Prozomix's enzyme libraries to develop class-specific AI models for discovering novel enzyme sequences. Prozomix will then use these next-gen enzyme libraries to manufacture innovative enzyme plates.

The partners anticipate that these next-gen enzyme plates will offer superior diversity and performance compared to traditional plates, potentially unlocking biocatalytic opportunities previously inaccessible. The plates will be accessible to all pharma process chemistry groups, contingent upon sharing screening data with Ginkgo to refine their AI/ML models further.

Simon J. Charnock, CEO of Prozomix, expressed confidence in the partnership's ability to maintain Prozomix's position as a leader in biocatalyst provision throughout the AI revolution, enabling customers to save and improve more lives.

Cindy Chang, Senior Director of Business Development at Ginkgo Bioworks, emphasized the potential of the latest enzyme engineering and AI/ML models to greatly benefit API manufacturing. She expressed excitement about partnering with Prozomix to integrate enzymes into various API routes, helping partners achieve both cost savings and sustainability goals.



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