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QIAGEN Introduces New Digital PCR Assay Design Tool for QIAcuity, Enhances GeneGlobe Platform Customization

Thursday, June 06, 2024

QIAGEN (NYSE: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) has introduced its new digital PCR (dPCR) Custom Assay Design Tool designed for copy number variation (CNV) analysis on the QIAcuity platform. This launch is part of a series of upgrades to the GeneGlobe Design and Analysis Hub, an extensive research platform that combines pre-designed assays with a database of over 10,000 biological entities, including genes, miRNAs, and pathways. These enhancements aim to provide a wider array of assay customization options, ranging from simple to complex and validated multiplex assays, while also improving user experience.

The rapid pace of genetic research means that new target genes frequently emerge that are not covered by standard or pre-designed assays. To address this, the new digital PCR Custom Assay Design Tool has been integrated into the GeneGlobe platform. This tool enables users to design and order assays for the QIAcuity platform, extending beyond QIAGEN’s extensive catalog of over 200 wet-lab validated assays for CNV profiling in translational cancer research. CNVs refer to variations in the number of copies of specific DNA segments in the genome, which can affect disease susceptibility and treatment responses.

“Studying certain copy number variations is essential for understanding their impact on health and treatment efficacy, which is critical for advancing precision medicine,” stated Nitin Sood, Senior Vice President, Head of the Life Science Business Area at QIAGEN. “Our new digital PCR Custom Assay Design Tool in GeneGlobe offers researchers an innovative and user-friendly way to create customized assays for QIAcuity, facilitating research and accelerating scientific discoveries.”

Other recent and upcoming enhancements to GeneGlobe include more intuitive design pages that make product selection easier and a new tool for creating, saving, and editing target gene lists, allowing researchers to develop their own panels collaboratively. Additionally, a software update has improved the speed of rendering pathway maps from QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. QIAGEN is working on enhancing the searchability of pathways and their relationships and plans to increase the interactivity of pathway diagrams, making it easier to import selected genes into the GeneGlobe Custom Panel Design tools.

QIAGEN is focused on expanding its customization capabilities and plans to extend the dPCR Custom Assay Design Tool to include microbial and somatic mutation assays later in 2024. For more complex assay needs, QIAGEN Genomic Services offers expert custom assay design support, with assays available through GeneGlobe.



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