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Resilience Acquires SwiftScale Biologics, a Leader in Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Technology

Friday, December 03, 2021

National Resilience, Inc. (Resilience), a technology focused manufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines, today announced the acquisition of SwiftScale Biologics, a San Leandro, California-based company developing cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) technology.

CFPS eliminates the constraints of using living cells in the drug manufacturing process, resulting in faster production times, less variability across batches and greater scalability with hard-to-produce proteins. With strong demand in the biopharma industry for multispecific drugs and other complex biologics, CFPS is a promising avenue to produce these next-generation therapies. Upon further development, Resilience intends to integrate this technology into its future manufacturing platforms.

“Biologics production today is limited to what can be produced inside a host cell, a process that’s slow, unpredictable and hard to scale,” said Rahul Singhvi, ScD, Chief Executive Officer of Resilience. “By developing cell-free protein synthesis technology, we aim to make it easier for researchers to explore new kinds of therapies much faster and with more predictability than possible with today’s methods.”

SwiftScale was spun out by two of the world’s leading experts in CFPS and synthetic biology: academic co-founders Michael Jewett, PhD, of Northwestern University, and Matthew DeLisa, PhD, of Cornell University. The SwiftScale team, including leaders David Mace and Weston Kightlinger, will join Resilience and continue developing this technology.

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