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ReviR Therapeutics and Asieris Pharmaceuticals Reach Milestone in RNA-Targeted Cancer Therapy Development

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ReviR Therapeutics, a biotechnology firm focused on creating small molecule RNA splicing modulators for neurogenetic diseases and cancer, and Asieris Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in developing innovative drugs for genitourinary tumors, have announced a significant achievement in their partnership. Their collaboration has successfully identified a new series of small molecules that modulate the expression of an oncogenic driver gene, discovered through ReviR's proprietary VoyageR AI platform. This platform has the potential to transform therapeutic discovery across various indications, including genitourinary cancers.

The partnership has reached its first major milestone of target engagement. The collaboration demonstrated that certain molecules from ReviR's compound library can induce the inclusion of a cryptic exon in the mRNA of a novel target gene, leading to a decrease in the disease protein. This progress brings a new therapy for genitourinary cancers closer to clinical trials. ReviR's VoyageR AI platform is highly advantageous for characterizing small molecule splicing modulators, offering target identification as well as enhanced potency and specificity assessments across genomes. The platform shows immense promise for developing treatments for a wide range of genetic diseases, including Huntington's Disease, a key focus in ReviR's pipeline.

Asieris Pharmaceuticals, stated, "We are thrilled with the accomplishments of our team and our partners at ReviR Therapeutics. This milestone highlights the importance of collaboration in accelerating drug discovery advancements."

ReviR Therapeutics, added, "This milestone is a crucial step in our quest to develop new therapies for cancers with limited treatment options. Our breakthrough in splicing modulator technology brings us closer to providing essential relief to patients."

Both companies are exploring the possibility of further discovering and developing novel small molecule splicing modulators targeting new genes, as well as expanding the VoyageR platform to various therapeutic applications. This partnership underscores the strength of collaborative efforts in driving innovation in splicing modulator technology, paving the way for more effective treatments for genetic diseases and targeted cancer therapies.



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