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Revive Therapeutics Enters into Research Collaboration Agreement with PharmaTher

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Revive Therapeutics announced that it has entered into a research collaboration agreement with PharmaTher Holdings to evaluate the delivery of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (“MDMA”) using PharmaTher’s novel microneedle patch (“MN-Patch”) delivery technology.

This collaboration allows Revive to evaluate the results of PharmaTher’s MDMA MN-Patch for indications that do not overlap with the Company’s psilocybin initiatives. The MDMA MN-Patch enables flexible drug load capacity and combinations, controlled released delivery, and will be able to present desired pharmacokinetic and safety profiles by overcome the potential obstacles of oral dosing.

The MDMA microneedle patch, will complement the psilocybin programmes for mental health and abuse disorders. This MDMA patch programme will fill the gaps by offering advantages to oral MDMA treatments.

The microneedle patch delivery technology is based on novel biocompatible and biodegradable gelatin methacryloyl (“GelMA”) material to deliver water-soluble and insoluble drugs with desirable release profiles safely. The GelMA-based microneedle patch can efficiently penetrate the stratum corneum layer (outer layer of the skin), enable flexible drug load capacity and combinations, and control-release delivery. Microneedles are considered to be a promising way to achieve systemic effects by transdermal delivery of drugs, including psychedelics, and circumventing absorption and first-pass barriers typical for oral delivery. In addition, it aims to empower patients to self-dose safely and incorporates anti-tampering and anti-abuse features.

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