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Samsung Biologics signs development agreement with Panolos for solid tumor treatment

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Samsung Biologics (207940.KS) has entered into a service agreement with Panolos Bioscience to develop PB101, an Fc-fusion protein intended to treat solid tumors.

Under this agreement, Samsung Biologics will provide a full scope of its development services from cell line development, process development, to non-clinical and clinical material manufacturing.

According to Panolos, PB101 is expected to suppress tumor angiogenesis more effectively by targeting VEGF-A and PlGF simultaneously, overcoming the limitations of existing treatments. Leveraging Samsung Biologics' robust capabilities and expertise in developing complex proteins, Panolos intends to achieve successful IND approval for validation to further establish the substance as the new platform known as αARTTM(anti-angiogenesis-based Artifact Re-targeting Tri-specifics) to treat various VEGF related illnesses.

Dr. Hyeseong Lim, CEO of Panolos Bioscience stated, "PB101 is itself a promising candidate as a treatment for solid tumors and VEGF-related diseases. Furthermore, it is also a platform technology that has demonstrated its versatility as a foundation on which multi-specific biologics can be developed. Through close collaborative efforts, Panolos will endeavor to deliver quality biopharmaceuticals to address global unmet medical needs."

"We are extremely proud to be partnering with Panolos in bringing PB101 closer to market," said Dr. Tae Han Kim, CEO Samsung Biologics. "By delivering faster and better development services and helping our clients focus on discovery, we will continue supporting biotech companies in their efforts to help patients in need all around the globe."

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