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TCBP Announces Preliminary Agreement for Acquisition of NK Platform Technologies

Friday, April 05, 2024

TC BioPharm (Holdings) PLC ("TC BioPharm" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: TCBP), a biotechnology company in the clinical stage, focusing on the development of allogeneic gamma-delta T cell therapies for cancer and other ailments, has announced the signing of a non-binding letter of intent as part of its M&A strategy to broaden its therapeutic platform and harness NK (natural killer) cells for treating solid tumors and other conditions.

The target acquisition involves the proprietary manufacturing process of two allogeneic CAR-NK therapeutics. TCB sees significant value in both therapies, viewing them as effective monotherapies and potential complements to TCB-008 in the future. These CAR platforms are initially aimed at treating solid tumors, encompassing CD-70 CAR NK technology and HER2 CAR-NK technology. TCB anticipates substantial synergies from this potential acquisition, both in terms of clinical therapy by combining TCB-008 with CAR-NK assets and in leveraging TCB's existing expertise and workforce to enhance and refine the manufacturing process while incorporating additional CAR expertise to advance multiple platforms.

There is compelling evidence supporting the synergistic roles of gamma delta T-cells and NK cells in the immune response against various diseases. The advantage of NK cells lies in their ability to recognize cancer cells without genetic engineering, enabling expedited treatment for patients.

According to the terms of the LOI, TC BioPharm has been granted exclusivity while both parties collaborate in good faith on drafting a definitive agreement. However, there is no guarantee that a definitive agreement will be reached or that the proposed transaction will be completed as currently envisaged. The approval of TC BioPharm's Board of Directors is pending. Upon execution of the definitive agreements, the transaction's completion will be contingent upon satisfying negotiated conditions, securing adequate financing, and obtaining all necessary third-party approvals and licenses.

Mr. Bryan Kobel, CEO of TC BioPharm, stated, "Amidst the challenges in cell therapy, we perceive this as an exceptional opportunity to substantially expand our asset portfolio in other immune cells and immune responder technologies, enhancing our position as a frontrunner in cell therapy and bolstering our future value. We believe this potential asset acquisition not only opens up new avenues in cancer treatment but also offers synergies in combination efforts with TCB-008 across multiple indications. By consolidating complementary technologies, we aim to elevate TCB BioPharm's potential exit value, broaden the scope of clinical trials under our control for patient benefit, and ultimately enhance shareholder value."



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