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The University of Queensland and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Announce Research Partnership

Friday, September 22, 2023

The University of Queensland has joined forces with Oxford Nanopore Technologies in a collaborative effort aimed at expediting research related to the quality control testing of mRNA vaccines.

Under this partnership, researchers at the University of Queensland, known as BASE researchers, will leverage the latest advancements in nanopore-based sequencing technology to enhance performance and significantly reduce the time required to assess the quality attributes of mRNA vaccines. This innovative approach is poised to simplify and bolster the quality assurance processes for mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics, benefiting global manufacturing standards.

Currently, the analysis of mRNA vaccines and therapies relies on a multitude of diverse methods that can be both time-consuming and intricate, often incurring substantial costs. Furthermore, some of these methods may become outdated as the field advances. 

By adopting Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing, the research team can directly examine each individual mRNA vaccine molecule as it traverses a protein nanopore. This real-time analysis provides an instantaneous and precise measurement of the mRNA sequence's identity and integrity, offering a cutting-edge solution for quality control.

This partnership has the potential to reshape the landscape of mRNA-based medical products, ensuring their quality, safety, and effectiveness on a global scale.

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