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Ubiquigent Extends And Expands Drug Discovery Collaboration With Bristol Myers Squibb

Friday, October 29, 2021

Ubiquigent Limited announces the extension and expansion of its long-term collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb. Under the terms of the agreement, Ubiquigent will provide Bristol Myers Squibb with increased access to its deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme inhibitor drug discovery platform to provide further support to additional therapeutic areas.

The central role of ubiquitylation in diverse cellular processes, including but not limited to protein degradation, makes the enzymes responsible for ubiquitylation and de-ubiquitylation highly attractive drug targets with the potential to address a wide range of human pathologies.

Recently, there has been further growing interest in the development of modulators of various components of the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) for therapeutic benefit. Strategies that are being actively pursued include the exploitation of the UPS via PROTACs and molecular glues to target the undruggable proteome and the development of DUB inhibitors.

Ubiquigent has established itself as a respected global partner in the UPS field with a particular focus on the development of DUB inhibitors, with an established track record of supporting the drug discovery efforts of its partners via access to its Drug Discovery Screening Platform and by providing access to its own developing portfolio of novel DUB inhibitors as part of larger partnerships.

Ubiquigent’s CEO, Jason Mundin commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to build on our existing relationship with Bristol Myers Squibb in this rapidly evolving field to provide additional support to the development of novel DUB inhibitors for patients with unmet medical needs.”

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