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Zenas BioPharma Announces Collaboration Agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Zenas BioPharma and Bristol Myers Squibb have entered into a strategic licence and collaboration agreement to develop and commercialise obexelimab for the treatment of autoimmune diseases in specific Asian-Pacific regions, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Obexelimab is an investigational monoclonal antibody designed to inhibit B cells, plasmablasts, and CD19-expressing plasma cells by binding to CD19 and FcγRIIb. It is currently undergoing global Phase III trials for the treatment of IgG4-Related Disease (IgG4-RD), a condition without any approved therapies.

This collaboration is a significant milestone in addressing the unmet medical needs of individuals suffering from IgG4-RD and other autoimmune diseases. It underscores the commitment to making obexelimab accessible to patients with autoimmune disorders on a global scale.

Under the terms of the licence agreement, Zenas will receive an initial payment of $50 million in cash and is eligible for additional payments based on the achievement of specific development, regulatory, and commercial milestones.

Zenas will also receive royalties on net sales of obexelimab within the licenced territory. In return, Bristol Myers Squibb gains exclusive rights to develop and market obexelimab in the specified territory. Additionally, Bristol Myers Squibb is making an equity investment in Zenas as part of this partnership.

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