Aussie Group and US Vitruvias Therapeutics Inc. Sign Semi-Solid Formulation Cooperation Agreement

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Australian Group signed a joint development with Vitruvias Therapeutics Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Vitruvias), a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. In cooperation with the production of semi-solid preparations for external use, the products will be listed on the US and China markets. Vitruvias is responsible for distribution in the United States, while Australia and the United States are responsible for market sales in China and other designated Asian regions. The products will be produced by Australia and the United States in a new PIC/S GMP-certified facility in Hong Kong. The products produced in this plant will be mainly supplied to the US and other regulated markets.

Mr. Chen Zeyang, the founder and chairman of Australia-US Pharmaceuticals, and Mr. Carl Whatley, Chairman and CEO of Vitruvias, witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between Hong Kong and Australia Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Vitruvias Therapeutics Inc. at the Australia-US Hong Kong headquarters. The agreement was signed by Mr. Mei Zhenhui, the quality licensee of Australia and the United States, and Ms. Rhonda Ezell, Senior Quality Assurance Director of Vitruvias. The management of the two companies also attended the signing ceremony.

Mr. Chen Zeyang sincerely thanked Vitruvias for its strong support for Australia and the United States' first FDA project: "This will make Australia and the United States more determined to internationalize, and we look forward to working with the Vitruvias team to achieve common goals. Vitruvias' experience in the United States will help us further expand internationally. The strategic goal of the dermatology market, Australia and the United States will also establish production bases in the United States in the near future. We hope to cooperate with Vitruvias to develop their own advantages in future pharmaceuticals in other dosage forms and fields. We both have a willingness to maintain long-term Cooperation and deeper cooperation."

"We are very pleased to find a partner with rich resources, successful experience and consistent business philosophy in the Chinese market." Mr. Whatley said at the opening ceremony: "The development of Australia and the United States has proved that this is a company driven by the spirit of enterprise. We are fortunate to find such a partner in the global leader in the field of skin medicine."

About Australia and the United States

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the Australia-US Group is a fast-growing multinational pharmaceutical company. The Group is committed to making life healthier by adhering to the philosophy of “Providing quality medicine with superb technology and serving human health with sincere service”. The Australia-US Group is the largest PIC/S GMP certified drug manufacturer in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in China, the United States and Germany. The Group's long-term corporate vision, 7,000 Australian and American employees are actively involved in the entire life cycle of drugs. The group develops, manufactures and markets more than 160 pharmaceutical and health products in the fields of dermatology, respiratory, orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics and gynaecology. The Group is convinced that R&D is the cornerstone of pharmaceutical companies. It has four R&D centers in Hong Kong, New York, Hainan and Suzhou. It has a strong international R&D team to develop and innovate high-quality drugs. The Australia-US Group will remain committed to continue to contribute to the health of all mankind.

About Vitruvias Therapeutics

Vitruvias Therapeutics is a generic pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets technically difficult generic products using US and international partners. Founded in 2013 in Auburn, USA, the company's focus is on sterile injections, semi-solid preparations and high-value oral solid preparations. The company currently has multiple generic products in the US. The company was approved by the FDA for the first generic drug variety in September 2017. It is expected that multiple generic drug (ANDA) applications will be approved by the FDA in 2019.

Media Contact:

Liu Huijing
Corporate Communications Department
Tel: +852 2211 2447

Carl Whatley
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +1 (334) 329-5601

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