Highlighting Advantages of the Whole-industry-chain Layout, Starting the New Journey of Internationalization of Pharmaceuticals

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Some API enterprises have gradually shifted their R&D and production focuses to the high value-added characteristic APIs, and customized APIs and intermediates in recent years under the influence of the increasingly tightened environmental protection policy and decline of export prices due to excess capacity. And driven by policies such as generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation of oral preparations and pharmaceutical product procurement with target quantity, high-quality low-priced APIs become a key link for preparation enterprises to have the initiative in hands in future market. And the competition of API enterprises has been extending to the downstream industrial chain. With the penetration of such competitiveness, CPhI China, a globally well-known pharmaceutical trade platform, has already been exploiting and extending the upstream and downstream industrial chains over the years, and has now included 8 blocks covering APIs, fine chemical and intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract research, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, and animal health and feed, and become a professional platform that provides integration for API enterprises to optimize industrial chain layout.

CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 will be grandly held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 18-20, 2019. This session will have an exhibition area exceeding 200,000m2 for the first time and cover all the 17 exhibition halls of the SNIEC. High level conferences and events themed by international market trend, market access, latest technology discussion, and product display will be held concurrently, to maximize the benefits for visitors and to integrate the visiting with business negotiation and latest information within 3 days. By then, people there can feel the pulse of China’s pharmaceutical innovation, and witness the past, present, and future of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

CPhI & P-MEC China 2018 Visitor Crowd

Following the development trends of the international pharmaceutical industry, attracting more quality overseas and Chinese enterprises

Size of the global API market has so far reached about USD150 billion, and will continue to grow at a rate of 5%. The export volume of China’s APIs hit all-time high continuously in 2015 and 2016, and reached 8.9515 million tons in 2017, which was another history record and grew by 8.33%. The figures show that the rigid demand of the global market is driving China’s API industry to develop continuously. And many Chinese API manufacturers have become stable suppliers of international pharmaceutical enterprises, for example, Shandong Xinhua and Yongtai Technology that have confirmed their participation this year separately supply levodopa to Merck and Roche and key intermediates of sofosbuvir to Gilead.

Famous for its high internationalization degree, CPhI & P-MEC China is unique in terms of in-depth exploitation of overseas market. The 2019 exhibition is expected to gather over 3,200 Chinese and overseas excellent enterprises, including South Korean, Indian, and Turkish pavilions and over 200 overseas exhibitors from Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy, etc., and attract over 70,000 visits of professional visitors from 120 countries and regions. Furthermore, following the new trends and new changes of the current development of international pharmaceutical industry, the organizer will invite pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, industry experts, and relevant government figures and hold high level conferences and events mainly centering on hot topics such as international pharmaceutical market trend analysis, pharmaceutical product patent protection, and market access and regulation. For example, 2019 China-World Innovation and Development Forum will focus on policy and market, to gain insight into and analyze new dynamics and new situations of development of overseas and Chinese pharmaceutical industries from the perspective of globalization strategy; CPhI Excipients Forum will invite Chinese and overseas front-line experts to discuss necessary regulation considerations for pharmaceutical excipient screening under the policy of simultaneous review and approval, and analyze points for the win-win of pharmaceutical excipient producers and users through sharing of multiple cases.

More Overseas Quality Exhibitor Groups Have Joined

Sneak peek of the incoming China Pharma Week

As a high-end conference and event week specially launched concurrently with CPhI China, the 3rd edition of China Pharma Week will take place on June 17-21, which will cover themes of Leadership, Business, Networking, Recognition, Knowledge, and Innovation of the pharmaceutical industry. The conferences thereof will cover extensively, including analysis of Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical laws and regulations and new policies, analysis of markets of key export countries, and sharing of experience in overseas market development, etc.; and the events will be diversified, from the heavyweight industry award recognition, CEO networking dinner, to Innovation Gallery, and discovery tour, etc. The Women in Leadership Forum will showcase the outstanding contributions and influences of women pharmaceutical leaders to and on the pharmaceutical industry. The Plant Visit will combine interestingness and practicability and continue the splendidness of the exhibition to after its end. Through such all-round, high-level, in-depth, and multi-angle exploration, the grand occasion of the exhibition will be conveyed to every participant, and people in each link of the pharmaceutical industrial chain will be able to gain high-end social connections amid the quality environment for business cooperation and negotiation.

Saluting pioneers of China’s pharmaceutical industry, leading the new pharmaceutical model in the innovation era

The 40 years of China’s reform and opening-up is also the 40 years of flourishing of China’s pharmaceutical industry. The idea of every pharmaceutical practitioner and survival mode of every pharmaceutical enterprise have been undergoing profound changes simultaneously with the continuous changes of China’s pharmaceutical economy. And behind those changes, CPhI China has been constantly exploring and never stopped its pace of progress; not only has it successfully set up an international platform for China’s pharmaceutical industry, it also has witnessed China’s leaping development in the 40 years of pharmaceutical reform from meeting the drug demands in China to going to overseas mainstream markets. Forging ahead, continuing with the past and opening up the future, CPhI China will be always at the forefront of pharmaceuticals in this innovation era, to help enterprises achieve intensiveness and refinement in the traditional pharmaceutical industry, become bigger and stronger in the emerging pharmaceutical industry and achieve transformation from low-level APIs and intermediates to high value-added preparations, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of thousands of pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises into the real pharmaceutical enterprises.

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CPhI China 2019
June 18-20, 2019, SNIEC, Shanghai, China
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