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Macrogen and Exosome Plus sign MOU for joint development of exosome-based diagnostic and therapeutic agents

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Macrogen, a precision medicine and biotechnology company, is on April 19th on Exosome Plus (P・ John Wook announced a contract for exclusive supply of exosome isolation kit, and announced on April 24 that it has signed a business agreement on joint development of an exosome-based diagnostic and therapeutic agent.

Exosome by entered into supply agreement this time Plus is its high efficiency exosomes isolation kit "Exo2D TM will be supplied to" the next year exclusively macro Zhen. Furthermore, Macrogen can also sell the supplied separation kit to a third party.

Macrogen plans to apply the separation kit supplied to the “In-Exosomal Nucleic Acid Analysis Service,” a high-value-added new product currently available on the research market, to increase production efficiency and service safety. In addition, it plans to create additional revenue by selling separation kits utilizing domestic and foreign networks.

Following the supply agreement, the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mutual cooperation, and decided to cooperate closely with a wide range of R & D and commercialization from exosome-based disease diagnosis to treatment. The specific contents of the agreement are exosome-based development of markers for early diagnosis of diseases Development of therapeutic agents for diseases Development of drug delivery systems, vaccines, cosmetics and other applied fields Support of human resource education and training necessary for drug development Support for mutual use of infrastructure such as equipment and facilities.

"Morogen has more than 1,000 experiences in exosomal nucleic acid analysis and is a leading company in Korea's domestic exosome market, providing high quality nucleic acid analysis results from trace amounts of exosomes." By combining technology with high-purity exosome separation technology of Exosome Plus and nucleic acid analysis technology of Macrogen, it is possible to provide more accurate and high-efficiency services to researchers at home and abroad. It will be said.

"The exosome is a rapidly expanding potential application such as disease diagnosis, treatment, and medicine," said Dr. Jan Gapsok of Macrogen, and seemed to be the biggest challenge for exosome research In the field of exosome separation and quality control, by strengthening cooperation with Exosome Plus, which boasts outstanding market competitiveness, we plan to make full-scale entry into the market for biosomes based on exosome in the future. ” did.

Macrogen and Exosome Plus will jointly participate in the 2019 International Society of Exosomes (ISEV), which will be held this week in Kyoto, Japan from 25th to 28th this week, and will release their exosome separation and nucleic acid analysis technology. Starting with the participation of this conference, we plan to actively carry out co-marketing to capture domestic and international markets.

Meanwhile, according to Grand View Research, a market research organization in the United States, the global market for exosomes is expected to grow to approximately ¥ 260 billion by 2030.

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