With the right advice, protective barriers needn't be a complex business.

Of course, securing the right packaging is paramount. But you also have to consider costs, efficacy, lead times and environmental impact- all without sacrificing the protection you need.

With the right advice, though, things get much easier...

ACG can partner with you to advice on packaging that goes beyond just products, and to help you protect what's important- however complicated the challenge

  • The perfect product for the job

  • We have the world's widest range of film and foil barriers, so we'll never try to sell you a compromise. We'll simply work with you to identify and implement the barriers that are absolutely suited to your needs

  • Optimize costs and processes

    We use our scale to help you improve your operations - for example, by optimizing things like costs and processes.

  • Engineering customized products

    As an integrated expert with over 60 years of pharmaceutical experience, we can help you create products that not only match you and your customers' needs precisely, but are also far more flexible than off-the-shelf products.

    With a presence in 138 countries across six continents, ACG is the world's largest integrated supplier of solid dosage products and services. All of which helps us and our partners to make it better for people all over the world.

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