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Every day, analytical laboratories are challenged with balancing high productivity with efficient operations. And with the growing trend of hybrid work models, gas chromatography operators seek remote access to their GC – whether they’re working in a different part of the lab or at a completely different location.

Discover the GC 2400™ Platform, offering innovative technology that enables access to real-time information on the go. Efficiently monitor the status of your sample runs with a detachable, intuitively designed touchscreen, helping you make faster decisions from anywhere – in or out of the lab.

Maximize GC productivity and increase automation of lab operations with easy-to use SimplicityChrom™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software. It enables the integration of every step in the GC workflow, from instrument control to data processing

Experience innovative GC workflows with the smart, simplified, and sustainable GC 2400 Platform.

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