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Real-Time Testing of Pharmaceutical Water for Production


Streamlining the release of water into production can greatly enhance process efficiencies. In order to achieve that, companies need compliant technologies and implementation support. In this webinar by Sievers Instruments, the audience will learn what real-time testing (RTT) is, the value of RTT, and how to successfully implement RTT, including risk mitigation. We will also describe a real-life case study on RTT implementation that includes KPIs such as ROI, time to validate, and long-term performance and maintenance. By the end of this webinar, attendees will grasp the necessary components for the transition to RTT to be successful in their own RTT implementation.

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of RTT
  • The value of transitioning to RTT
  • What risks are associated with RTT ?
  • How to implement RTT while considering risk mitigation
  • A real example of an RTT implementation at a pharmaceutical site

Who should attend:

  • QA & QC personnel
  • Validation personnel
  • Production personnel
  • Metrology personnel
  • Facilities personnel
  • Operations personnel

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Kaitlyn Vap

Life Sciences Lead, Product Application Specialist

About Kaitlyn Vap

Kaitlyn Vap is the Life Sciences Lead Product Application Specialist responsible for supporting Sieverstotal organic carbon (TOC) customers. She works with companies in the pharmaceutical industry toimplement Sievers analytical instruments for the validation of laboratory water and drug products inaccordance with global pharmacopeia regulatory standards. As an application specialist, she alsoexplores new and/or developing applications to streamline the process of water and drug producttesting. Kaitlyn holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wyoming.