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Stefano Butti, Sales Director, FPS, Italy

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of containment & isolation systems and micronisation solutions for the handling and production of active and sterile pharmaceutical ingredients; it is mainly addressed to pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic companies all over the world.

With almost 100 employees, more than 1,300 systems in operation worldwide for handling pharmaceutical substances, FPS presents itself on the market as an international company, extremely flexible and able to adapt to different customer's needs.

During the past years the necessity to have a safe loading system for process vessels became more and more actual due to the increased activity of product to be handled and also to the updated requirement from REACH regulation. Based on this FPS has designed a full range of containment systems suitable to load process vessels in a fast, safe and ergonomic way. Always starting from the process evaluation and from a risk assessment we have realised more than 100 systems for this specific topic. They are almost all different one from the other due to the specific requirement and need of our customer.

The project definition always starts from on-site supervision to check installation areas and discuss with the end user about specific needs. In function of possible physical constraint first evaluation is about the possibility to use gravity discharge or to evaluate alternative systems like Vacuum Transport System (VTS).

First of all, a preliminary design is realised and once the real project starts an ergonomic study on a 1:1 scale mock-up is performed to check real activities to be performed. Once this critical step is completed the final manufacturing of the system is started.

FPS propose different configurations:

  • Single chamber mobile reactor loading system for small quantities of product handling, up to OEB4 category (CPT down to 1mg/m3).
  • Single chamber reactor charging system for larger quantity of product handling, up to OEB4 category (CPT down to 1mg/m3).
  • Double chamber reactor charging system for larger quantity of product handling, up to OEB5/OEB6 category (CPT down to 0.1 and 0.01 mg/m3).
  • Double chamber reactor charging system for larger quantity of product handling, up to OEB5 category (CPT down to 0.1mg/m3).

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Author Bio

Stefano Butti

Stefano Butti has studied Mechanical Enineering at university of Milan and graduated in 2000. ISPE member since 2002, he participated as speaker to different congress and seminar on Containment and Micronisation topic both for HPAPI and Sterile application as well as published different articles in technical newspapers. He Joined FPS company in 2008 starting as Technical Sales Manager and he is now head of the Sales group for the company Containment and Micronisation system provided worldwide.

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