A winning strategy is essential to reach or accomplish goals in pharmaceutical industry. However, maintaining the excellence of Strategic Drug Development Services is a necessary stipulation for the Strategic evolution for Pharma companies. The technologies leading to Pharmaceutical regulatory strategy and Pharmaceutical strategic developments are at the limits of human knowledge. The huge size of the companies, organizations and the complexities of their technologies and processes present many challenges. On the other hand, strategy development and distribution system is highly costly to implement. The effective Pharma strategies can help to generate business exposure, relationship building, and market research. Thus, they are important initiatives to boom overall business in the long term.

The Evolution of Brand Strategy

As the pharmaceutical market transforms, so does the meaning of brand strategy

The basic structure of brand strategy evolved decades ago and has barely changed since Its key componentsclinical indication advantages and communication methodsare relics of a time when professionals prescribed on the basis of clinical claims and little else mattered But as our market has evolved i..

The Importance of Post-Hire Screening in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Preemployment background checks are generally wellaccepted as part of the hiring process in highlyregulated sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry But what happens posthire once a new employee is onboard and welcomed into the company While many aspects of a preemployment background check are st..

Biosimilars Interchangeability

Regional views aren’t interchangeable

With many biosimilars reaching the market interchangeabilitysubstitution with the reference product has become a hot topic The FDA has released draft guidance on this topic requiring specific and quite complex study designs to demonstrate interchangeability that raised several comments from all type..

Setting up a Pharmacovigilance System

Pharmacovigilance is a complex process for which robust systems are essential A strong PV system is an important part of the overall medicinal product Regulatory system It reflects on the stringency and competence of the Regulatory bodies in regulating the market and ensuring the safety and effectiv..

Future Prospects of Biotherapeutics and Challenges

Advancements in the biotechnology have presented pharmaceutical manufacturing industries biotherapeutics which are promising as potential future therapeutics Diverse categories of biotherapeutics are coming into the market which range from monoclonal antibodies growth hormones and cytokines to vacci..

The Human-Centred Biopharma Organisation

The biopharmaceutical industry is in continual change Increased competition and diversity in business models creates a leadership challenge of sustaining growth and performance To address this challenge we outline a focus on Human Centred Organisations with Leaders creating meaningful and engaged wo..


The right steps to successfully break into a new market

As the pharmaceutical industry squares off against the challenge of globalisation there is a greater need for content than ever Driven by forces from both the clinical and commercial sides pharmaceutical companies are experiencing rising costs and competition Ultimately to enable businesses to compe..

Life Story

The idea of product life cycle is more useful that you realise

The idea of Product Life Cycle PLC is familiar to any experienced executive in pharma or medtech Its often assumed to be synonymous with line extension tactics such as reformulation or label extension that can be used to defend against metoos and generics But the inventors of the concept meant PLC t..

China Biopharma

Is a Wave of GMP Exports in Our Future?

China today according to our recent studies is actively growing its domestic industry not only to support its huge domestic demand for high quality therapeutics but also to develop an export market capability The industry is making progress with substantial investments in equipment quality manageme..

Failing Data Integrity Audit is not an Option

The timetomarket of blooming Asian pharmaceutical companies especially from India and China are being slowed by the increasing concerns of global and local regulators over data integrity How can they meet regulators audit expectation on data integrity and provide assurance of acceptable product qual..