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Nano-based Drug Delivery: A road towards cancer therapy management

Dhruv Kumar, Associate Professor, Amity Institute of Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research

Ocular Drug Delivery Perspective: Current challenges and opportunities

Kanchan Kohli, Professor, Head, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Emerging Technologies for Particle Engineering for Pharmaceuticals Applications

Dilip M Parikh, President, Pharmaceutical Technology Devel¬opment and Consulting Group, DPharma Group Inc

Multi-faceted Gateways for Drug Repurposing: Need for an integrative approach

Saraswathy GR, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy, Head, Pharmacological Modelling and Simulation Centre, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

The Cyber-physical Security of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

Ravendra Singh, Assistant Research Professor, C-SOPS, Rutgers University

Intraperitoneal Sustained-Release Chemotherapy for Refractory Ovarian Cancer

Mansoor M Amiji, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

Sustainable pharma packaging

Dexter Tjoa, Director, Corporate Strategy, Tjoapack

A Futuristic and Wishful Scenario - Clinical Trials in Petri dish - Closer to Reality

Subhadra Dravida, Founder and CEO, TranScell Biologics TranSTox BioApplications

Natural Intelligence: How to Harness the Strategic Knowledge in Your Organisation

Brian Smith, Managing Director, Pragmedic, UK

Polypharmacy and Polypills

Muhammad Suleman Khan, Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland

Advanced Computational Drug Discovery Tools through User Friendly Web Servers

Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, PI, Structural Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing Research Group (BIO-HPC) Antonio J. Banegas-Luna: IT Consultant, BIO-HPC Maria Paredes-Ramos, METMED group, University of A Coruña Marién M Moreno, Assoc. Prof. At Degre, Pharmacy (UCAM) Josefina María Vegara-Meseguer, Biophysics and Member, Structural Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing Research Group (BIO-HPC)

Patient Enrolment and Retention

R B Smarta, Chairman & MD, Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.