Forthcoming Issue

Enable Injections

Mike Hooven, President and CEO, Enable Injections, Inc., US

Generics in Switzerland

Axel Müller, Managing Director Intergenerika

Drug Design: Novel Approaches” and Execution Gap

George Yeh, President, TLC

Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Troy Player, Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Alagu Subramaniam, Country Manager, India

Trends in pharma export business in India

Piyush Gupta, Associate Director, GNH India

Intermittent hypoxic therapy (IHT)

Alexey Platonenko , Inventor, ReOxy

Proactive asset management supporting pharmaceutical market growth and export drive in South Korea


How pharma and personlised medicine is changing the future of pharma?

Neil J Campbell, Chairman & CEO, Mosaigen Corporation, General Partner, Endeavour Capital, Ltd, USA