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The Scenario

With a lot of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the Asian markets, and growth being the primary objective of the Asian pharma industry, it has become evident that the centre-stage of global pharma operations is shifting from the U.S. and Europe to Asia.

Constrained with patent expiries and cost pressures, the big pharma is looking towards the Asian markets to offshore a variety of services from drug discovery to manufacturing.

The Voice

Pharma Focus Asia provides a unique opportunity to bring your products and services to the attention of key budget holders within the largest pharmaceutical organisations around the world. The publication is made available only to a select group of decision makers who represent a spending power of US$ 350 billion. That money is more and more likely to be heading towards Asia and Europe, and you should make sure you get your share.

The Opportunity

There is a huge market in Europe for Asian products and vice versa. Getting your message across to the major players in these markets is very difficult, unless you have Pharma Focus Asia and its resources working for you in a consistent manner. Top pharma companies across the world receive Pharma Focus Asia that has articles and insights contributed by leading industry experts.

The readers of Pharma Focus Asia appreciate the publication because they recognise the value of its independent reporting and the quality of its content. It clearly makes Pharma Focus Asia a powerful prospect for advertisers.

Published quarterly, Pharma Focus Asia is distributed across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and USA. This includes 5,500 readers who receive the print copies and another 90,000+ readers who receive e-book copies. This translates into an estimated readership base of over 180,000 (Source: Publisher's Survey).

The Target Market

Our readers represent the most important organisations in the global pharmaceutical market, and they should be your target market, because your competitors are already targeting them.

Pharma Focus Asia provides customised advertisement solutions through high quality advertisements placed along side relevent content to receive immediate attention from your target market.

Pharma Focus Asia, with its total commitment to building exceptional circulation lists, can deliver your message to the right people. Our relationship officers can help you in your marketing plan with highly targeted advertising, aimed directly at the people who hold the purse strings.

Five Reasons to Advertise with us

1. Circulation: A meticulously crafted circulation database of companies that matter to you – A market place custom-built to your needs.

2. Readership: Readers are carefully chosen top executives. A judicious blend of purchase decision makers and specifiers - the individuals who matter most to your company.

3. Valuable Content: Insights and incisive analysis of industry dynamics and emerging trends in technologies including drug discovery, manufacturing etc., written by the leading experts.

4. Online Presence: Listing on the search engine optimised website - Print advert doubling-up as online vehicle.

5. In sum, targeted marketing translating into ‘value for money'.

Advertising Types


Type Specs
Regular Positions
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Full Page Click here
Half Page Click here
1/3rd Page Vertical Outer Click here
1/3rd Page Product Flash Click here
Cover Positions  
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Special Positions  
1. Corporate Showcase  
a. 8-Pages, with flash on front cover Click here
b. 4-Pages Click here
2. Gatefold  
a. Cover: 2-Pages Click here
b. Inner: 2-Pages Click here
Other Positions  
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