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Knowledge Gain Through High Parallel Bioprocess Setups

Sebastian Kleebank
Product Life Cycle Manager, Eppendorf AG

Sebastian Kleebank studied Bioengineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Juelich, followed by his Ph.D. at the RWTH Aachen, Institute for Molecular Biotechnology. In his actual position as a Product Life Cycle Manager at Eppendorf AG, Business Unit Bioprocess, he is responsible for the small-scale product portfolio. During his 12 years in the bioprocess industry, he gained a lot of experience in small scale upstream process development, including several years working in the lab.

Innovation Management at Bachem

Günther Loidl
Chief Technology Officer, Bachem Holding AG

Günther Loidl joined Bachem in 2000. He held several functions in Research and Development (R&D) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing and became Vice President R&D in 2012. Since 2015, he is CTO of the Bachem Group and a member of the Corporate Executive Committee. He studied chemistry in Regensburg (Germany) and Leeds (UK) and obtained his doctorate under the supervision of Luis Moroder at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried (Germany).


Karen Chan
Staff Engineer, Manufacturing Science and Technology, South East Asia
Karen Chan is a process engineer at Merck Pte Ltd. Chan has six years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and two years of experience in research & development. She provides technical support in areas such as process development, troubleshooting and technical training for downstream processes. Chan holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Porton Pharma Solutions and Codexis Launch Global Partnership

Codexis, Inc. and Porton Pharma Solutions, Ltd. announce a strategic collaboration to deploy Codexis’ world-leading biocatalyst technology within Porton’s global custom intermediate and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) development and manufacturing business. The partnership will accelerate the creation and commercialization of new, low-cost, sustainable manufacturing processes, exploiting the benefits of biocatalysts to a growing number of the world’s small molecule pharmaceuticals.

European Lead Factory

Ton Rijnders
Head of European Screening Centre

Ton Rijnders is the Head of Screening at the European Lead Factory. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and has an extensive experience with drug discovery in pharma, with increasing managerial and scientific responsibilities. Since November 2017, Ton is the General Director of Oncode Institute and has been involved since the very beginning in European Lead Factory via the partner Lygature.

Datwyler Pharma Packaging

Dr. Renaud Janssen
Senior Manager Global Scientific Affairs
Renaud Janssen, Ph.D. is the Senior Manager of Global Scientific Affairs at Datwyler Pharma Packaging. He frequently presents on international conferences on subjects related to elastomeric and aluminium/plastic closures for pharmaceutical applications. Renaud also serves on several standardisation and pharmacopoeia committees, as well as on industry task forces.

University of Lincoln, UK

Dr. Ishwar Singh
Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy
Ishwar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy, University of Lincoln. Prior to Lincoln, he had held many prestigious fellowships such as the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, Germany; and Senior Research Fellowship, DANIDA, Denmark and CSIR, India. He is an organic chemist. He has developed bioconjugations for DNA, RNA and polymer modifications in water. He is currently leading research in Biologics delivery, Peptides, Sequence selective DNA cross linking, Nanoparticles modifications for drug delivery and diagnostic applications and broad spectrum antibiotics.

Powder Systems Limited

Pierre Landais, MEng
Tendering Manager Asia-Pacific
Powder Systems Limited (PSL) has been exporting its technology to the Asia-Pacific market since 1990 and a growing number of turn-key installations are to be commissioned in this region in the future. To support the demand, PSL has committed to further investment in Asia-Pacific (APAC) by opening an engineering and sales office in Singapore. This addition to PSL APAC will reinforce the fast growing activities coming from South East Asia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, India and China.

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

Sancha Salgueiro, Ph.D., MBA
Vice President - Business Development

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies’ protein expression system ExpreS2 is an important protein expression tool in the scientist’s tool box for protein expression. The ExpreS2 platform has demonstrated in many instances its usefulness in R&D, with several ExpreS2-made proteins having now been crystallized.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Andrew Plump, M.D., Ph.D
Chief Medical & Scientific Officer
Scientific progress depends upon collaboration. iPS cell technology is at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, and Takeda strives to bring innovative treatments to patients. Both Takeda and CiRA have the common goal of providing patients and healthcare professionals with innovative new treatments.

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