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Revolutionising Clinical Trials with Real-time Data

Clinical trials have long been the cornerstone of medical progress providing the practical base upon which new treatments

Research & Development


Neuronal exosomes and the evolution of neurodegenerative disease treatment

The rising challenge of Neurodegenerative diseases NDDs including Alzheimers Parkinsons Huntingtons disease

Recent Advances in Small-molecule Broad-spectrum Inhibitors of Bacterial Metallo-β-lactamases

Incessant resistance of pathogenic bacteria to almost all forms of antibiotics continues to pose a major threat to human wellbeing worldwide

Powering Decentralised Drug Development

Enabling downstream disruptive technologies to generate high fidelity output

The Decentralised Drug Development DDD process involves coordinating various vendors and pulling together contract research organisations

Breathing New Life into Poorly Soluble Drugs Through Lipid Nanoparticles

The oral route of delivery remains the most popular and convenient way to get medicines into the body

Clinical Trials

Getting The Most Out of Your Clinical Trial

Collecting human factors data to improve commercial device design

Human factors engineering HFE is crucial in developing an effective device and is critical to meeting global regulatory expectations


Harnessing data and real-time action for better healthcare

The past five years have seen the AsiaPacific APAC region emerge as a global hub for clinical trials attracting pharmaceutical companies


How to Overcome The Hurdle of Immunotherapy

For most people only vaccines come to mind when they think of immunotherapy

Deuterated Drugs In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the recent approval by the FDA to commercialise and administer deutetrabenazine


Early detection of cancer is critical for successful treatment and improved patient outcomes

Expert Talk


The significance of harmonisation in pharmacovigilance

In pharmacovigilance harmonisation refers to the collaborative effort among regulatory authorities

Unveiling the Evolution

A thought leader's insights into the pharmacovigilance industry

Getting exposure very early on in the science and business of pharmacovigilance was a very fortunate thing for me

Enabling the delivery of the poorly soluble and unstable drugs to the site of action

The drug discovery pipeline is composed of around per cent molecules with low solubility

The Rising Importance of Containment and Delivery Systems and Latest Trends in The Space

To properly comprehend the important role that containment and delivery systems play in the context of biologics and injectable therapies globally


Digitalisation An All-purpose Tool

Win the race against time

A massive one The reality is that the faster drugs or vaccines can be made marketready

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