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Human-Centred Design in Biopharma

Need of the hour



Future Prospects of Biotherapeutics and Challenges

Advancements in the biotechnology have presented pharmaceutical manufacturing industries biotherapeutics which are promising as potential future therapeutics Diverse categories of biotherapeutics are coming into the market which range from monoclonal..

The Human-Centred Biopharma Organisation

The biopharmaceutical industry is in continual change Increased competition and diversity in business models creates a leadership challenge of sustaining growth and performance To address this challenge we outline a focus on Human Centred Organisatio..

Research & Development

Merging Technology Transfer with Knowledge Translation

Academic to industrial research

Technology transfer is not just limited to industries and RD A research scientist working in RD may also work with universities There are several examples of patent or product commercialisation happening in universities This article focuses on how te..

Creating The Perfect Capsule

Choosing the right shell excipient for your formulation challenges

This article outlines the key challenges facing soft and hard capsule formulation and focuses on the importance of choosing the right excipient to optimise the delivery of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients APIs It also explains why gelatin is the exc..

Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment in Asia

Reducing the clinical burden

Innovations in patient recruitment coupled with thoughtful local implementation are a step forward in our relentless pursuit to simplify the patient journey..

Low Rates of Stroke and Major Bleeding with Rivaroxaban Confirmed by Global Study

XANTUS pooled results study

Landmark global XANTUS realworld programme showed low rates of stroke and major bleeding of 09 per cent and 17 per cent per year respectively with rivaroxaban generally consistent with Phase III Rocket AF trial..

Wearables in Clinical Trials

Where we are & where we are going

As real world evidence becomes an integral part for many clinical trials wearables allow for monitoring and data collection anywhere the patient is located freeing researchers of the location barrier of real world evidenceWith the demand for wearabl..


The Rise in Sterile Manufacturing

A focus on containment

Containment is key during aseptic processing and this has led to the development of new transfer methods that are both enclosed and minimise the requirement for operator intervention In this article author discusses modern containment methods and the..

Information Technology

Take a Pass on the 3pm Samples

Innovation in laboratory informatics technology is eliminating the battle for scientists with late afternoon sample analysis requests..