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China Biopharma

Is a Wave of GMP Exports in Our Future?

China today according to our recent studies is actively growing its domestic industry not only to support its huge domestic demand for high quality therapeutics but also to develop an export market capability The industry is making progress with sub..

Failing Data Integrity Audit is not an Option

The timetomarket of blooming Asian pharmaceutical companies especially from India and China are being slowed by the increasing concerns of global and local regulators over data integrity How can they meet regulators audit expectation on data integrit..

Research & Development

Reviving Pharma R&D Productivity with New Modalities

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a decline in RD productivity However genomics biomarkers and access to human tissue samples are offering a range of well validated but challenging biological targets To seize the opportunity leveraging New Modali..

Research and Development of Medical Countermeasures in Asia for Pandemic and Bioterror Threats

Medical Counter Measures MCMs are being developed on a global scale to treat and prevent pandemic disease agents as well as chemical and radiological threats both accidental and intentional While this field is recognised as a burgeoning biomedical pr..


Added Costs for Added Protections

The impact of implementing safety features in pharmaceutical packaging and labelling

The Impact of Implementing Safety Features in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Serialization Unique Device Identification UDI and aggregation catalyse a paradigm shift for the entire industry and are already impacting the pharmaceutical supply..

Continuous Manufacturing

Are we there yet?

The urgent need to dramatically improve efficiency and productivity within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector is in the state of flux With the US FDAs push for moving the pharmaceutical industry into 21st century reality of the market place and ..

Pharmaceuticals are in Good Hands with Turkish Cargo


The Impact of Implementing Safety Features in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling

This article explains what labelling and packaging measures should the manufacturers need to implement and how effectively they can do so with advanced packaging technologies to ensure the patient safety Besides it explains how it is going to impact ..

Responding to the Needs of an Evolving Industry

In the everevolving pharma market pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers need to be experts in understanding the industrys challenges and opportunities to meet their customers needs To stay ahead Datwyler identified three main topics for future dev..

Expert Talk

The Asian Healthcare Market

Rapid growth and accompanying increasing regulations lead to the need for serialisation

The Asian market is growing rapidly and along with this expansion comes the issue of drug counterfeiting Bernd offers his insight into the key trends affecting this market and what regulatory authorities are expecting manufacturers to do to combat th..