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Pharma white papers on contemporary issues, technologies, research, etc. are presented in this section to enable the readers with rich information and knowledge. This section provides white papers related to all the spheres of the pharma industry.

Pharmacovigilance Challenges in Early Phase Clinical Trials

Early phase clinical trials have their own unique challenges as they play a vital role in drug development During early trials we aim to evaluate the safety tolerability

The Reckoning of Antimicrobial Resistance, A new biological frontier

The life sciences sector is permanently evolving but a moment of reckoning has arriveda moment that compels us at Cavenagh Health to address a real global threat that resonates beyond

Roadmap to Biomarker Discovery: Innovations, Opportunities, and Breakthroughs

Biomarkers are indicators of homeostasis disease states or pharmacological interventions An ideal biomarker must be bina present or absent quantifiable in tissues cells body fluids or in simple physiological parameters

How Prancer RTSM® Enables Complex Studies - The Complex Study is Here to Stay

Clinical researchers are becoming much more creative in how they explore possible treatments They are leveraging more adaptive trials where phases can be combined or skipped based on positive results or where the protocol is amended to explore new treatments or disease states within the same trial

The Need For Adaptive Trial Design In Oncology Studies

Trial research needs to account for increased complexity and competition when recruiting patients in cancer studies Patients and oncologists have more choices than ever for the placement of qualified study participants Not only are treatments more specialised but the industry

Navigating IDMP Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In an era of increasing regulatory demands the pharmaceutical industry faces the challenge of adhering to the Identification of Medicinal Products IDMP standards This whitepaper provides guidance to understanding and implementing IDMP compliance outlining the benefits and potential challenges and offering practical solutions We at AdEx Partners as Trusted Leaders in Business Transformation off...

RNA Therapeutics

An exploration of a rapidly growing field in the biotech industry with the potential to revolutionise the treatment of a wide range of diseases

How Clinical Trial Complexity Impacts End Users

Traditionally complexity in clinical trials is translated into increased operational challenges due to the presence of several IMPs populations trial sites multiple sponsors andor manufacturers and contract research organizations CROs

Phase-Appropriate Analytical Method Development

Drug development requires an average overall investment of USD billion and remains at high risk due to the huge attrition rate phase after phase The preclinical development phase and the phase clinical trial show the highest attrition rate due to toxicity or drug metabolism pharmacokinetic issues Mitigating the risk during a new drug candidate development program starting from the discove...

The New Normal: How COVID-19 Became the Catalyst for Change

When COVID disrupted life sciences solutions were needed in realtime As the pandemic grew so did the need to innovate Workers met the challenges They completed tasks fulfilled inspections and remained vigilant in fulfilling regulatory requirements This paper presents findings from a roundtable hosted by PharmaLex

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