Research development

Research & Development is essential in all industries. And, when it comes to the Biopharmaceutical research industry, R&D services not only generates income for the companies involved in the research but it often brings results in lives being saved, or at least enhancement in patient's lives. The development for many companies requires the perfect Pharmaceutical research & development. There has been a great deal of research and development in this industry by the doctors and scientists all over the world. Reliable Pharmaceutical R&D services allow companies to follow manufacturing procedures, quality control measures being taken, production scope and technical know-how.


Regulations to enable safe, effective, and high-quality solutions

From mobile medical apps and fitness trackers to software that supports the clinical decisions that doctors make every day digital technology has been driving a revolution in healthcare As we learn to live in the new normal forced by the COVID pandemic adoption of digital solutions has witnessed further acceleration


Biomarkers or biological markers cover a wide range of substances that can be measured from body tissues cells blood or fluid For instance a cell expresses genes when they are required for biological processes and the measurement of gene expressions under different physiological conditions provide essential clues of gene functions Therefore bioma...

Intelligent Nanomaterials in Pharmaceutical Analysis

A vision of future

Nanotechnology has brought a revolution in the area of medicine and an exponential development was reported in the nanotechnology relatedpatents for the pharmaceutical applications in the past twenty years The pharmaceutical companies are deeply focused on the nanotechnology to overcome the drawbacks and find out the solutions for the challenges in...



As per the estimation of a Forbes analysis around US billion is spent by large pharmaceutical companiesfor a single drug approval


Need for an integrative approach

Conventional drug discovery path is arduous timeconsuming and demands massive fiscal investments


Road towards cancer therapy management

In the past few decades nanotechnology has emerged as one of the most important approaches for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics

Advanced Computational Drug Discovery Tools

Through user friendly web servers

Drug discovery is one of the most time and costconsuming processes in the industry

Medicines Management and Drug Delivery

Unique challenges in older age

There is a rising opportunity for the pharma industry to consider developing products and administration devices for older age population The proportion of the elderly population is growing globally


Building an early development strategy for complex biologics

Biologics are drugs isolated from natural sources and include proteins nucleic acids viruses and cells


The number of new US FDA approved drugs is declining in spite of lots advances made in science



For many drug discovery programmes HBS form the foundation of many hypotheses and contribute to research that is the basis for gonogo decisions during the development process

Apoferritin as a Nanocarrier

Its applications in medicine

In the recent years Research Development RD in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology has increased rapidly

Academic Ventures and Professional Service Companies

Partnering issues in early stage drug development

Over the past few decades life science and pharma have been characterised by a series of radical changes that have been at the origin of an impressive transformation of RD processes and have made them a favoured scenario for radical change in the innovation paradigm


The way forward for the management of diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus DM is a chronic lifethreatening disease just like cancer or any other disease whose incidence has become doubled in recent years In diabeties patients the use of intensive insulin therapy was found to reduce long term vascular complications and some evidence also highlights the increased risk of both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia...


Helps prepare medical countermeasures and optimise response to public health emergencies

What are MCMs MCMs are regulated products that can be used in a public health emergency The emergency could be due to a terrorist attack with Chemical Biological Radiological Or Nuclear CBRN material a naturallyoccurring emerging disease or a natural disaster MCMs can be used to prevent diagnose or treat conditions resulting from those natural o...

New and Novel Drug Delivery Technologies

Enhancing product lifecycle

In the recent decades most of the pharmaceutical companies often look for extensions for their patented product to enhance the products life cycle by means of various approaches like a Drug repurposing ie new indication of existing drug b Using different formulation ie by means of using new and novel drug delivery technologies and c Use of new comb...

Pre-Clinical Assessment of Drug-Induced Hypersensitivity Reactions

Tools and challenges

Drug Hypersensitivity Reactions DHRs belong to type B adverse drug reactions defined by the World Health Organisation WHO as doseindependent unpredictable noxious and unintended response to a drug at dose normally used in humans They include drug intolerance drug idiosyncrasy drug allergy and nonallergic anaphylactic reaction Most of type B reactio...


By definition biology is the natural science while biotechnology utilises biological systems and living organisms to develop different products A product could be an article or substance or technology that is manufactured or refined or developed for sale for sure The list of biotechnological products broadly includes medicines medical devices diagn...

The Future of Pharma R&D

How external innovation changes pharma R&D

RD has traditionally been and will continue to be probably even more crucial for the growth and future success of researchbased pharma companies Given the industries traditional RD strategy that was built on internal innovation and the rising regulatory hurdles pharma companies continuously increased their financial input into RD related work with...

Stem Cell and Gene Delivery

An update

This years the interest in stem cell and genebased therapy showed from industries and spinout companies have been exceptional which reflects the growing confidence in the field grounded on frequently reports of the therapeutic efficacy and the licensing of stem cell and genebased therapies Yet stem cellbased therapy remains in its early stages akin...

Reaching a New Innovation Threshold

How can we make it happen?

The difficulty of getting reimbursement in the US for novel therapeutics especially ones based on innovative new technology platforms renders such products less available in AsiaPacific as well Fully half of new active substances NASs approved globally each year ownership of the extant RD pipeline worldwide and the endmarket for all medicines are i...

Merging Technology Transfer with Knowledge Translation

Academic to industrial research

The government and research academics are increasingly aware of the relevance of their result to the industrial sector The term knowledge translation was coined to represent proactive strategies to communicate research findings to those in a position to put the findings into practice As it happens in most cases the first consideration is given to m...

Creating The Perfect Capsule

Choosing the right shell excipient for your formulation challenges

As the pharmaceutical market expands and new technologies and actives are adopted selecting the right excipient is essential to achieve optimum performance and functionality in pharmaceutical formulations and in particular in capsules todays consumer preferred dosage form The global markets for empty hard and soft capsules are expected to grow sign...

Knowing vs Hunting for Targets

It is common knowledge that drug discovery is a tough business to be in and requires constant questioning as well as refining of ongoing strategies In this game the early days were rewarding for those employing the classical approaches that rely upon identifying the target and building a programme around these wellestablished targets to produce nov...

Single-Use Method Using Filter Aid Easy Removal of Midstream Cells

The removal of cells and cell debris takes place between fermentation upstream and product purification downstream and is referred to as midstream The midstream process very often involves a combination of several operation units A highly efficient method for this is alluvial filtration cake filtration and can be done with FILTRODISC BIO SD Cont...

Emerging Directions in R&D of Drug Discovery and Development

The patient specificity paradigm

Using stem cells as platforms for drug discovery not only allows us to recreate the microenvironment usually found inside the body but it also allows us to decipher the molecular intricacies that play an important role in the success of precision medicine and ways to further improve it Traditional drug discovery practice includes the early phase...

Mass Spectrometry in Research and Development of Protein Biologics

The protein drugs constitute almost everything of the biopharma today This include signalling proteins eg insulin erythropoietin monoclonal antibodies eg Bevacizumab Rituximab that are used as drugs peptide drugs eg Liraglutide Icatibant antibodydrug conjugates eg Trastuzumab emtansine modern recombinant protein vaccines eg Tetanus toxoid etc The p...

Changing the Game in Drug Development

Modelling & Simulation

As Sir Winston Churchill one famously stated Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it That statement certainly holds true for the drug development industry Researchers who cannot learn from a new drug candidates complete historyboth good and badwill not make the best most informed decisions about its future Knowledg

Reviving Pharma R&D Productivity with New Modalities

Over the past decade a plethora of comments have highlighted a decline in Pharma RD productivity Several causes have been claimed including tighter regulation leading to even higher attrition as well as increasing costs Another explanation has been that the biological targets against which drugs are designed have become more challenging In other wo...

Research and Development of Medical Countermeasures in Asia for Pandemic and Bioterror Threats

Beginning in the mids incidents involving easily we aponised and accessible agents such as anthrax a commonly occurring bacterium and sarin a chemical toxin from a commonly used family of pesticides demonstrated the growing threat of Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear CBRN agents as weapons for bioterror attacks At the same time there was...

Biologics and Biosimilars

Promising field for medicines for the future

Up until a few years ago the field of medicine was largely dominated by small molecules or pharmaceuticals as they are more commonly known Large molecules or biologics were relatively less heard of and there were very few players operating globally in this area Over the past two decades the biotechnology industry has come a long way According to a...

Wearable Large Volume Drug Delivery Devices

Hold key to pharmaceutical lifecycle management, patient preference

It costs approximately US billion yuan to bring a single new drug to marketand the cost as well as the hurdles to innovation are getting higher Yet innovation is crucial to the pharmaceutical industry and the need for a strong product pipeline is sending companies racing to develop some of the most promising new treatmentsbiologicsin the hope of d...

Drug Development

A question-based process

With over two decades of experience within the realm of Drug Development behind you what are the milestones of your career journey that you would like to share with us Last two decades was really wonderful and exciting journey working in drug development industry Though I cannot claim but have experienced almost entire process of drug developme...

Redesigning Drugs

For better performance

Programs to identify and evaluate novel therapeutic agents are expensive take a long time and do not guarantee a successful outcome Proving safety and efficacy is difficult complex and slow Furthermore even after efficacy and safety are demonstrated and the compound becomes a medicinal product the complexities of disease and of the drug action alli...

Future Trends in Ion Channel and Solute Transporter Drug Discovery

Ion channels have been excellent drug discovery targets for decades with clinically meaningful drugs identified targeting sodium channels including eg lamotrigine calcium channels eg amlopdipine GABA receptors eg diazepam and ATPgated potassium channels eg glipizide and several others However new ion channel modulators have not been emerging at a r...

Enabling the Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs via Drug-Polymer Solid Dispersions

Poorly soluble new drugs entering the market are estimated to range from to per cent of the total This trend of increased poorly soluble drugs on the market is a result of the quest for drugs with increased potency and increased ability to interact with protein receptors The advent of modern drug discovery techniques such as quantitative structur...

Unconventional Micro and Nanofabrication

Discovering and developing a new drug is a costly and timeconsuming process Recent reports suggest that it costs around US million pretax to bring a new drug to market One approach to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of this process is to use appropriate models and assays early in the discovery phase to identify candidates that are likely...

Nanobiomechanics and Human Diseases

Insights into the pathophysiology

Human diseases not only impair bodily structures and functions but they also threaten the health and wellbeing of humans Current research on diseases focusses mainly on the microbiological immunological and pathological aspects rather than on the biomechanics of the diseases which may have direct link to their pathophysiological outcomes In fact so...

Rethinking Drug Discovery

Drug discovery is a tough business At the same time it is the domain that provides an opportunity to improve the quality of human health and allows recovering from the suffering due to various biological disorders In the past decades we have witnessed a major limitation in creating the nextgeneration drugs despite a significant boost in the fina...

Sonication-Assisted Nanoencapsulation

The desired features of pharmaceutical drug delivery for intravenous administration their small size biodegradability high content of a drug in a final preparation prolonged circulation in the blood and the ability to target required areas are reasonably well met by liposomes microcapsules and nanoparticles for watersoluble drugs The development of...

Layer-by-Layer Micro and Nano Drug Encapsulation with Eolyelectrolytes Progress and challenges

Since layerbylayer LbL polyelectrolyte assembly was introduced in the s by G Decher Y Lvov H Mhwald and M Rubner it has found application in various fields that study and apply nanotechnology LbL nanoassembly is based on the sequential adsorption of positively and negatively charged polymers on a surface to form a nanothick film of coating The proc...

Improving Pharmaceutical R&D

Using Lean Sigma

Pele ChoiSing Chong The pharmaceutical industry now operates in a complex and dynamic global environment The pace of change is much faster and far less predictable than ever before To survive and prosper in todays business environment we need to

Drug Discovery in Academia

An evolving model

Over the past decade there has been increasing pressure on the pharmaceutical industry to increase economic efficiencies in drug discovery This has been driven by several factors including the increased costs of RD lower productivity patent expiration generic competition and the increasing difficulty in bringing new chemical entities to market T...

Target Deconvolution in the Post-genomic Era

While the growing demand for innovative medicines is creating increasing opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry it is exactly this industry that suffers from an expensive disease itself known by the name innovation deficit In fact while the FDA approved New Molecular Entities NMEs and biologics in a nearly steady decline since then has led...

Biosimilar Medicines

Understanding the challenges

Many of the blockbuster biological products that currently dominate the markets are coming to the end of their patent protection The opportunity to provide more affordable generic versions is now attracting the interest of both generic and researchbased pharmaceutical companies The development of generic biological medicines referred to as

Personalised Medicine & Drug Development

Biomarkers leading the way

Up to the last decade the pharmaceutical industry had followed a trialanderror approach to medicine by applying a drug to an entire patient population when treating a given disease As a result the overall drug efficacy in selected diseases was only around per cent Moreover adverse drug reactions were among the leading causes for hospitalisation an...

Getting to the Bone

Fighting skeletal cancer metastases with specific T-lymphocytest

The skeleton is one of the most common target organs of metastases in human cancer Depending on the site of origin of the primary cancer bone metastases are diagnosed in to per cent of the patients Although breast prostate and lung cancers most frequently metastasise to the bone or bone marrow up to per cent of melanoma patients also develop ske...

Personalised Medicine

Changing Business Model

It has become clear that pharmaceutical development in the first decades of this century will be dominated by the personalised medicine concept Personalised medicine encompasses the development and marketing of molecular tests which help to target the use of pharmaceuticals and biologicals in ways that maximise their effectiveness Of course lab tes...

Current Advances in Proteomics

The fact that more than per cent of pharmaceutical drugs act through proteins reflects the importance of proteins as targets for diagnosis and treatment of diseases omics disciplines were developed to discover new biomarkers for health and medicine Among these disciplines proteomics is directly involved in drug development because disease processe...

Targeted Therapies A Sustainable

Business Model

For many rare diseases there is as yet no satisfactory treatment Rare diseases are defined as lifethreatening and or serious and chronic diseases according to the European Orphan Medicinal Products regulation These diseases represent a high unmet medical need Rare diseases with their genetic origin and because of small number of patients to be tre...

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