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A 3D-Printed Clinical Device Intended to Detect Biomarkers of Preterm Birth

The DPrinted device is a microchip electrophoresis device that can sensitively detect three serum biomarkers of Preterm birth PTB

Cyclica Launches First-of-its-kind Ligand Design<sup>TM</sup>

Cyclica a biotechnology company announced its novel firstinclass drug design technology Ligand DesignTM at the Collision Conference in Toronto

York University Scientists Discover a Novel Gene to Prevent the Spread of Muscle Cancer

York University scientists have discovered a unique set of genes in muscle cellular gene expression and differentiation that could lead to new therapeutic targets to prevent the spread of muscle cancer

UW–Madison School of Pharmacy Designs New Compounds to Fight Deadly Mosquito-Transmitted Viruses

UWMadison school of Pharmacy designed a breakthrough in creating new small molecules that penetrate into the brain where the virus resides and interfere with viral replication to stop Equine Encephalitis Viruses EEV

Nanopore-based DNA Sequencing Technology to Diagnose Genetic Disorder Huntington's Disease

Nanoporebased DNA sequencing technology has been developed to diagnose the genetic disorder Huntingtons Diseases for the first time in the world

Wistar Scientists Develop Innovative Synthetic DNA-based Cancer Immunotherapy Approach

Wistar scientists have developed a novel innovative synthetic DNA approach for patientspecific production of cancertargeting molecules called bispecific T cell engagers BiTEs

PhaseBio to Announce PB2452, a Novel Reversal Agent for Antiplatelet Drug Ticagrelor

PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals is planning to announce PB a novel reversal agent for the Antiplatelet drug Ticagrelor PB is a novel recombinant human monoclonal antibody antigenbinding fragment or Fab fragment designed to reverse the Antiplatelet activity of ticagrelor in major bleeding and urgent surgery situations

NUS Chemists Develop Novel Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe

NUS chemists have developed a novel ratiometric fluorescent probe known as RDC for studying cellular activity of the clinically important anticancer drug cisplatin for next generation drug development

Nottingham University Launches First-of-its-kind Equipment for Chemical Imaging of Materials, Cells & Tissues

The University of Nottingham launched unique firstofitskind equipment DOrbiSIMS which allows labelfree chemical imaging of materials cells and tissues with the potential to transform research in these areas DOrbiSIMS will have applications in a multidisciplinary range of research areas These areas include biomedical implants drug delivery system...

Researchers Develop DNA-encoded PCSK9 Inhibitors to Regulate Cholesterol Levels in Bloodstream

The Wistar Institute researchers have developed novel synthetic DNAencoded Monoclonal Antibodies DMAbs directed against PCSK a protein key to regulating cholesterol levels in the bloodstream A preclinical study showed a significant cholesterol decrease helping for the development of this approach as a simple less frequent and costeffective thera...

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