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New Method for Residual Solvent Characterization by GC-VUV

A new method has been announced by VUV Analytics for residual solvent testing in pharmaceutical products and excipients that significantly reduces analysis time while improving testing throughput It allows the combination of various sample types into a single test The gas chromatography Vacuum U..

FDA grants breakthrough therapy designation to Toca 511 & Toca FC in Recurrent High Grade Glioma

Tocagens new gene therapeutic formulations Toca 511 Toca FC for treating recurrent and metastatic cancers specifically HighGrade Glioma HGG received FDAs breakthrough therapy designation and awaits a full approval post clinical trials next year HGG is a malignant form of primary brain tumour t..

FDA Approves Novartis Kisqali® Femara® Co-Pack to treat metastatic breast cancer

Novartis has announced that its Kisqali Femara CoPack the first and only currently available combination pack with two prescription products in advanced breast cancer has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration FDA The Kisqali Femara CoPack ribociclib tablets letrozole tablets ..

MagBio Launches its Novel cfKapture 21 Kit

MagBio Genomics announces the launch of its new cfKapture 21 kit cfKapture 21 kit is said to be a novel solution for isolation of circulating CellFree DNA ccfDNA from stabilized plasma sample cfKapture 21 system is a ccfDNA isolation kit which includes a proprietary reagent that prevents postsepa..

Evotec and Eternygen to Develop Novel Metabolic Disease Therapy

Evotec and Eternygen announced a drug discovery collaboration to develop novel metabolic disease therapy The two companies will develop novel small molecule inhibitors against an Eternygen target to treat metabolic disease using Evotecs technology platform and broad expertise in drug discovery an..

First-of-its-kind Clinical Trial Monitoring Service Launched for Cancer Patients

Specimatch the first continual clinical trial monitoring service announces the launch of its webbased software service for cancer patients Users can easily connect to clinical trials personally matched to the patients genetic and clinical profiles through Specimatchcom This software is a solution..

Generative Adversarial Autoencoders to Revolutionize New Medications

An international group of computer scientists have developed a Generative Adversarial Autoencoders AAE for generating novel molecular finger prints with a defined set of parameters A 7 layer AAE architecture with the latent middle layer serving as a discriminator was developed As an input and out..

Benchling Announces Release of Its Molecular Biology 2.0 to Power High-Throughput Design for DNA, Proteins & CRISPR

Benchling the next generation life science RD software company announces the release of the first of its kind Molecular Biology 20 system which is an exceptional extension of its existing molecular biology suite It helps to power highthroughput sequence design for DNA proteins and CRISPR Molecula..

Australian Scientists Discover Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Treatment

Australian scientists have discovered a breakthrough in lung cancer treatment They discovered the origin cell of a common form of lung cancer that kills thousands of smokers and nonsmokers This would help to detect squamous cell lung cancer that accounts for up to 30 per cent of all lung cancers ..

New Liquid Biopsy Chip Allows to Trap Cancer Cells Easily

Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI researchers have developed a new chip that traps and identifies metastatic cancer cells within a tiny amount of blood drawn from a cancer patient Liquid Biopsy technique helps to capture and identify tumour cells andor DNA This technology uses a simple mechanic..