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Australian Scientists Discovers Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Treatment

Australian scientists have discovered a breakthrough in lung cancer treatment They discovered the origin cell of a common form of lung cancer that kills thousands of smokers and nonsmokers This would help to detect squamous cell lung cancer that accounts for up to 30 per cent of all lung cancers ..

New Liquid Biopsy Chip Allows to Trap Cancer Cells Easily

Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI researchers have developed a new chip that traps and identifies metastatic cancer cells within a tiny amount of blood drawn from a cancer patient Liquid Biopsy technique helps to capture and identify tumour cells andor DNA This technology uses a simple mechanic..

Aptar Pharma and Medtech firms to Develop Novel Auto-injector

Aptar Pharma a segment of AptarGroup entered into an exclusive development and license agreement with BD Becton Dickinson and Company a medtech firm to jointly develop a novel autoinjector In developing this injector Aptar Pharma uses its twostep autoinjector technology and prefillable syringes fro..

Heptares Therapeutics and Kymab Limited to Develop Novel Antibody Therapeutics

Heptares Therapeutics also known as Heptares and Kymab Limited have entered into a strategic collaboration to discover develop and commercialise novel antibody therapeutics New therapeutics will target a number of G proteincoupled receptors GCPRs with an initial focus on immuneoncology a new area i..

Advent of High-Resolution 3D Images Makes For A Clearer View of DNA Segments

Qualitative and highresolution images premiered at the Berkley Lab as the fruit of the labour invested by the Department of Energys researchers there They succeeded in captivating unparalleled and firstever 3D HighResolution images sourced from doublehelix DNA fragments annexed to the either hems of..

'App'lying Genetics: A New Gene Data Resource Available In App Store Now

In a world swathed in layers of mobileusers tech savvy surfers and app developers the synthesis of an application for genetics was only a matter of time The latest innovation to have struck the bell is an online app for chronicling all your genetic information in order to endow you with a better com..

Battling Superbugs With Nanotechnology & Illumination

The strife to fight antibioticresistant bacterial disease has been both incessant and intrepid But with the advent of a new tool engineered by nanotechnology and the usage of light has facilitated certain possibilities of bringing this strife to a culmination Apart from the worldwide endeavours to p..

Newly Engineered Cas9 Now Allows Isolated Gene-editing

Genetic engineers and researchers alike have explicitly shared their affinity towards the geneediting tool called CRISPRCas9 This device alters targeted genes effortlessly thereby permitting an executable approach to developing treatments and cures There is however a major limitation to Cas9 in term..

Microchips Pose As Human Kidney Prototypes To Analyse Pernicity Of Drugs

University of Michigan witnessed a breakthrough analytical study by its research team in collaboration with Seoul National University in South Korea which resulted in the contrivance of a microchip which would facilitate the assessment of the effects of diverse drugs on living kidney cells Although ..

High speed production of new antibiotics that could treat MRSA and drug-resistant TB

Scientists at the University of Bristol have found a faster and cheaper way to produce new antibiotics to tackle drugresistant superbugs There was a 2000 per cent increase in production when the genes involved in the pleuromutilin production were expressed in a different type of fungus by the resea..