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University of Otago Discovered New Drugs to Treat Top Infectious Disease

University of Otago researchers have discovered a novel property of a new antituberculosis drug which may help develop more drugs to treat the top infectious killer disease in the world Bedaquiline is the first new drug to be developed after years for more effective combat against TB

WVU Researchers Map Crystals to Enhance Advance Therapies for Stroke, Diabetes, and Dementia

West Virginia University researchers mapped the crystal structure of the protein and located how a drug fixes on it Researchers revealed how medications are attached to the proteins in our body how they work and what form they acquire

World's Fist-of-its-Kind Drug Delivery Device Launched for Precise Dosing of Cannabis

Syqe Medical launched the worlds first pharmaceuticalgrade metereddose cannabis inhaler in Israel The eight years of research and development including rigorous testing through multiple clinical trials paved a novel regulatory path

UIC's Scientists Develop a Novel Device to Screen Advanced Crystalline Materials

Researchers and scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago and AbbVie Inc developed a novel device to screen and test formation of drug substanceActive Pharmaceutical Ingredient API

Bayer Launches Breakthrough Therapy AliqopaTM (Copanlisib) for Treatment of Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Bayer launched a breakthrough therapy AliqopaTM Copanlisib for the treatment of Marginal Zone Lymphoma MZL Aliqopa Copanlisib is an intravenous phosphatidylinositolKinase PLK inhibitory activity predominantly

Harvard Chemist's Developed Synthesis Advance Potent Anti-Malignant Tumour Agent

Harvard University chemists synthesis of halichondrin is known to be a potent anticancer agent Harvard University Chemists have achieved a landmark in drug discovery spending three decades in making it

Novel Agent Reactivates an Immune Call by LIF Blockade

Novel agent reactivates is a new therapy with dual mechanism of action to eliminate malignant stem cells and activate the immune system

A 3D-Printed Clinical Device Intended to Detect Biomarkers of Preterm Birth

The DPrinted device is a microchip electrophoresis device that can sensitively detect three serum biomarkers of Preterm birth PTB

Cyclica Launches First-of-its-kind Ligand DesignTM

Cyclica a biotechnology company announced its novel firstinclass drug design technology Ligand DesignTM at the Collision Conference in Toronto

York University Scientists Discover a Novel Gene to Prevent the Spread of Muscle Cancer

York University scientists have discovered a unique set of genes in muscle cellular gene expression and differentiation that could lead to new therapeutic targets to prevent the spread of muscle cancer

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