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Pharma Manufacturing practices include all methods that are required to develop Pharma services. These practices provide minimum requirements that must and should be met by pharmaceutical companies in order to provide high-quality products that will pose no risk to the patients/consumers at large. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing process involves Pharmaceutical machinery, drug manufacturers contracting a firm for finished products or components. It can be seen as a type of outsourcing. Organizations succeed by focusing on what they do best to their consumers, partners or outsourced vendors. Contract manufacturing seems to fit neatly into this scenario.

Just in Time Manufacturing Creating more sustainable supply chains

Drug development has transformed immeasurably over the past decade Even before the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine

Respirable Engineered Spray Dried Dry Powder as a Platform Technology

The dichotomous branching of the lungs from the th generation the trachea to the rd generation of the lungs offers a surface area of m of the alveolar region


In our previous articles we addressed several approaches and concepts which we either identified or developed to contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry


An emerging therapeutic approach

Gene therapy is a powerful therapeutic approach which relies on the modification or overexpression or suppression of gene expression


The future of therapeutics

Traumatic events such as date rape drowning or death of loved ones in accidents often necessitate the use of antidepressants for a short treatment course

Using Analytical Technology to Guide Generic Drug Development

As is the case in most scientific disciplines the most common way to determine how something works is to break it down identify and quantify its component parts and then see how they work together to function as a whole

Current and Future Outlook of Pharmacogenomics in Paediatric Asthmatic Medications

Nearly million people worldwide are affected by asthma which left untreated or uncontrolled decreases quality of life and increases the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD

Ensuring Efficiency in Packaging Process should be a top Priority for Pharma Packaging Companies

The pharmaceutical industry is one where decades of innovation lead to one new product like a drug or vaccine


Using Operational Data to Improve Operations in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and QC Labs

The importance of jointly analysing the manufacturing facilitys maturity and performance was outlined in the article The Link between Plant Performance Maturity Seeing the whole picture

Recent Advances and Future Prospects of Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension

Patients with PHTN may present with multiple systemic involvement and symptoms masking the underlying problem

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