Pharma Manufacturing practices include all methods that are required to develop Pharma services. These practices provide minimum requirements that must and should be met by pharmaceutical companies in order to provide high-quality products that will pose no risk to the patients/consumers at large. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing process involves Pharmaceutical machinery, drug manufacturers contracting a firm for finished products or components. It can be seen as a type of outsourcing. Organizations succeed by focusing on what they do best to their consumers, partners or outsourced vendors. Contract manufacturing seems to fit neatly into this scenario.


The utility of Gene Expression Programming GEP for predicting the endpoint of the granulation process in planetary mixers has been demonstrated GEP allows modelling the impeller power of the equipment as function of operation conditions and wet granule properties providing general experimental equat..

Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Check Point Inhibition and CAR-T Therapy

The recent advent of immunotherapies has transformed the landscape of cancer treatment In 2017 469 new clinical trials were reported on immunotherapy Although the effect of immunotherapy on cancer has been transformational they account for only a few percent of cancer patient population Thus nanopar..


3D Printing opens the doors of possibility for pharmaceutical and medical device industries

3D manufacturing carves out a niche in the pharmaceutical industry While its hard to foresee the wholesale replacement of current tablet manufacturing processes 3D technology creates the opportunity for precise deposition of niche medications and personalise tablets This article will explore potenti..

Residence Time Distribution (RTD) Model

Novel applications to continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

The Residence Time Distribution RTD is a fundamental chemical engineering concept By definition it is the probability distribution of time that solid or luid materials stay inside one or more unit operations in a continuous flow system It can be used to characterise the mixing and flow behaviour of ..

Drug Concentration Assurance of Continuous Tablet Manufacturing

Advanced process control strategy

In the pharmaceutical industry Real Time Release RTR can be facilitated by the development of a highly efficient control system The drug concentration in final tablet is one of the most critical quality attributes that must be assured before releasing the final product to the market Therefore a mult..

Pharmaceutical Crystallisation

Emerging process intensification technologies

Crystallisation is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for the separation and purification of chemical compounds Recently radically new technologies have been developed that allow for step improvements in the performance of pharmaceutical crystallisation This article provides a brief ove..

HPAPI Qualification Testing

Considerations in containment testing

Containment is critical in oral solid dose drug production particularly if it involves Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients HPAPI This article examines how containment valves and wireless monitoring can keep employees safe and improve manufacturing efficiency..

System Engineering for a Novel Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Currently pharmaceutical industries are going under paradigm shift from traditional batch to novel continuous manufacturing Such a novel continuous plant has been built at CSOPS which is being adapted by several pharmaceutical companies The Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CPM pilotplant has ..

Modelling and its Applications in Solids-based Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

The development of solidsbased pharmaceutical manufacturing has been facilitated by the use of process modelling and simulationbased process analysis methods Such in silico approaches are implemented to efficiently predict process behaviours identify critical process parameters and quantify the proc..

Safe and Secure

Packaging\\\'s role in combating counterfeit drugs

Counterfeiting is currently one of the biggest challenges that the pharmaceutical industry is facing and the amount of counterfeit drugs in the market globally is continuing to grow In this article Essentra explains how packaging can help to tackle the issue showing how incorporating a combination o..