This section presents pharmaceutical projects that are announced from time-to-time around the world.

AGC Group to Establish New R&D Facility in Spain

AGC Inc plans to open a new R D facility to increase synthetic pharmaceutical production base in Spain The new R D facility is expected to start its operation in March 2021, while the expanded facility will come into existence

POINT Biopharma to Launch its First Manufacturing Facility in US

Canadabased clinicalstage biopharmaceutical company, POINT Biopharma POINT invests more than US$25 million to launch its first drug manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, US

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Starts North Carolina Facility Expansion

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies has started the expansion of its North Carolina facility expansion project

Audentes Therapeutics to Build US$109 million Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility

Audentes Therapeutics has announced its plans to build a new gene therapy manufacturing facility at an investment of US$109 million in Sanford, North Carolina, US

SCHOTT Pharmaceutical to Construct New Packaging Facility in Germany

SCHOTT Pharmaceutical has unveiled its plans to build a new packaging plant in Mllheim, Germany The new production plant will cover an area of 11,000m

Astellas to Construct New Pharma Manufacturing Facility in Japan

Astellas Pharma has announced its plans to construct a new pharma manufacturing facility at an investment of around US$91 million

Janssen Invests in R &D Facility Expansion in San Francisco

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson Johnson Janssen plans to invest in a new RD facility and expand its presence in the San Francisco Bay Area

Philips-Medisize Expands its Denmark Site

PhilipsMedisize has unveiled plans of expansion of its Global Innovation and Development GID site in Struer, Denmark

Merck Invests in New Biotech Development Facility in Switzerland

Merck has invested US$27269 million for the expansion of its Biotech Development Center in CorsiersurVevey, Switzerland

Piramal Pharma to Expand its Aurora Facility in Canada

Piramal Pharma Solutions business is investing US$188 million for the expansion of its Aurora facility in Canada