This section presents pharmaceutical projects that are announced from time-to-time around the world.

Samsung Biologics Plans to Construct New Manufacturing Facility

Samsung Biologics plans to expand its presence with the construction of a new manufacturing facility located at Incheon

Marker Therapeutics Plans to Construct New Manufacturing Facility in Texas

Marker Therapeutics plans to construct a new manufacturing facility to support clinical development of MultiTAASpecific T cell therapy product candidates The new location will be constructed at Houston, TX, nearby George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Bionova Constructs New GMP Biologics Manufacturing Center

Bionova plans to construct a new stateoftheart biologics manufacturing facility The new GMP biologics manufacturing center is constructed with an area covering 36,000 sq ft This new biomanufacturing site will make use of singleuse technologies

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Plans to Build New R & D Centre

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp builds a new RD centre for developing vaccines and proteinbased therapeutics The new facility will be located in Massachusetts

Merck to Invest US$118 million in New Gene Therapy Manufacturing Plant

Merck, with an investment of US$118 million 100 million plans to build a new gene therapy manufacturing capacity to double the size of the existing capacity The new manufacturing site will be located in Carlsbad, California, USA

Advanced Accelerator Applications Plans to Build Second US Manufacturing Site in Indianapolis

Advanced Accelerator Applications plans to build a new manufacturing facility for currently approved therapy and pipeline drug candidates in Indianapolis The expansion would be the second US manufacturing site for targeted radioLigand therapy

WACKER Announces Plans to Invest in Amsterdam Biotech Site

WACKER has recently announced investment plans for its production facilities of biologics, LMPs live microbial products and vaccines located at Amsterdam site, at a middoubledigit millioneuro amount

Marken Expands GMP Facility in Frankfurt

Marken has announced its plans to double the space of GMP facility by expanding in Frankfurt to meet the frozen room storage capabilities in anticipation of the COVID19 vaccine and storage needs

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation Invests US$215m in New Projects in Lexington County

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation has announced major investment plan in Lexington County, where it is headquartered, with an investment of US$215 million

SEKISUI Diagnostics Invests US$ 18.6 million in cGMP Microbial Capacity Expansion

Sekisui Diagnostics announced its plans to invest US$ 186 million 144 million in biopharma CDMO business to expand cGMP microbial capacity located at its existing site in Maidstone

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