This section presents pharmaceutical projects that are announced from time-to-time around the world.

Samsung Biologics Constructs Super Plant 4 in South Korea

Samsung Biologics plans to open the most innovative biomanufacturing facility with the addition of super plant 4 The modern super plant 4 will be located in Incheon, South Korea

Cambrex to Expand Large Scale API Manufacturing Capacity in US

Cambrex plans to invest US$50 million to expand new midscale and largescale API manufacturing capacity The site will be located in Iowa, US

Vibalogics Invests US$150million to Expand Virotherapy Facility in Boston

Vibalogics with an investment of US$ 150 million plans to enter the US region to expand Virotherapy Facility The new facility will be located in Boston

Minaris Regenerative Medicine Opens New Manufacturing Sites in Europe and Asia

Minaris Regenerative Medicine plans to invest US$645 million to open new manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe This expansion increases the cell and gene manufacturing capabilities

Metrics Expands Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

Metrics Contract Services Metrics plans to invest US$10 million for the expansion of a novel oral solid dosage manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina

Thermo Fisher Scientific Plans to Expand New Facility in Singapore

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, plans to invest US$130 million to expand a new facility in Singapore The expanded sterile filling capacity will be dedicated for developing Therapies and Vaccines

Romark Constructs New Manufacturing Facility in Manati

Romark constructs a new stateoftheart facility located in Manati, Puerto Rico The new manufacturing facility is estimated with an amount of more than US$80 million

Merck Invests US$715 million in New Facility at Madison,USA

Merck with an investment of US$715 million plans for the expansion of Antibodydrug Conjugates ADC manufacturing The new manufacturing facility will be located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Luina Bio Expands with New Manufacturing Facilities

Luina Bio plans to expand its new Biomanufacturing GMP and development facility

Eurofins Invests US$169 million to Expand the Chemistry Site in Spain

Eurofins with an investment of US$169 million plans for expansion of the chemistry site for the synthesis of chemicals and purification of drugs The new manufacturing facility will be located in Murcia, Spain

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