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I-MR Control Chart in Pharmaceutical Industry and the Comparison with Laney-Modified Attribute Chart: Case Study

Several data tend naturally to show various deviations and significant skewness from normal or other assumed distributions The query that may be raised is about the extent to which Shewhart charts can be used for data that do not meet such conditions with this regards I charts have received some att..

MicroRNA (miRNA) in Nanostructure Lipid Carriers based Tumor Gene Therapy

Gene therapy in cancer means to replace abnormal gene by healthy one that enables to perform and bring forth normal protein required for normal growth function and division of body cells Impaired gene cant perform their essential role in regulation of cellular function either due to overactive or mu..

Programmable Nanodevices for Biomedical Application: From Science Fiction to Reality

In 1960 a science fiction picture named Fantastic Voyage was released with the storyline that A Nanosubmarine was containing a group of scientists traveling through the bloodletting inside the body of a scientist to prevent his brain tumor Almost sixty years later we are very close to making that fi..

SPC and Evaluation of Analyst Performance

SPC are vital tool to monitor the quality of specific characteristics They can show abnormal trends in data even if results were within the acceptance criteria Accordingly the evaluation of the analysts and the analysis reproducibility in a laboratory could be performed at regular intervals to judge..

Identification of MicroRNAs and Their Targets in Cancer

MicroRNAs miRNAs have been well documented to regulate various cancer phenotype Research into the specific roles of several miRNAs and their target genes involved in apoptosis angiogenesis anoikis and interaction with natural compound in various cancer types has demonstrated their potential in cance..

Machine Learning: The Next Generation Manufacturing For Pharmaceutical Industry


Smart Nano-Enabled Drug Carrier in Combating Tumor Development and Progress

The era of conventional therapy has now been gradually changed to smarter way of treatment approach based on smart nanoenabled drug carrier in combating tumor disease and progress Smart nanoenabled drug carrier or smart drug delivery system offers precise drug release at site of target with reduced ..

Oral Formulation of Bio-pharmaceuticals

Microencapsulation systems with self-controlled macroscopic pores

Microparticles MPs with smart pHsensitive macropores have been developed to overcome major technical challenges in oral delivery of biopharmaceuticals The surface macropores can be employed for direct loading and release of the ingredients in favorable surroundings which eliminates the concerns abou..

Are you Ready for EU FMD?

Urgency, consistency and planning are key

Compliance is a serious issue for Indias pharmaceutical manufacturers distributors and retailers due to the complicated nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain Serialisation requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to invest in new technology and adapt their current processes and systems..

Vaccine Adjuvants

Past, Present, and Future

Adjuvants are immune potentiators administered concurrently with antigens in order to boost vaccine efficacy The need for vaccine adjuvants was established after discovery of safe highly purified but less immunogenic synthetic antigens via innovation in recombinant DNA technology Aluminum salts refe..