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Electronic Counters for Bottle Filling

What are the problems and can we do something about that?
When a label on a bottle says tablets we assume there are tablets inside dont we Not or but exactly To be more precise it is expected that the bottle contains exactly undamaged tablets of the same kind Obviously bottle filling technology must meet two bigger requirements namely high accuracy f...

Bioscintigraphy: An Innovative Tool For Drug Product Development

Development of a new drug product remains a costly affair and figures of about billion are quoted for development of one successful product Surveys often show that more than of the expenditure on drug product development

Nano-based Drug Delivery System for Hacking Colon Cancer Cells

Cancer is a major cause of fear of death in both the developed and the developing country and also a leading public health problem Colorectal cancer is the fourth most cancer detected worldwide although significant progress in therapy still leads to significant mortality and mobility

Prioritisation of Raw Materials in Healthcare Industry

Using statistical process controltools for stock management
An establishment ofan appropriate and effective system for monitoring and control of the goods mobility in the warehouses is an important integral part of GXP to ensure an uninterrupted flow of the manufacturing industrial work This process should be done without any shortage or overstocking of the...

Laser Vaccine Adjuvants

Corona virus, Influenza and beyond
Vaccine adjuvants represent an essential tool to augment human immune response Despite significant advances in medical research practical progress in commercial development of new modalities has been slow till recently Alum salts have remained a gold standard adjuvant for almost one hundred years si...

Quality by Design Applications in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Pharmaceutical Quality by Design QbD is not a buzz word today From its inception by ICH and USFDA the concept of QbD has gained significant attention by the global biopharmaceutical industry The key goal behind QbD implementation was improving the manufacturing standards

Treatment of Cancer Using Combined Chemo-Photo Approach

A discussion on Current research
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in both developed and developing countries and also a major public health problem This dreadful disease is spreading with continuance and increasing incidences in recent times In million cancer patients died as per the reports of World Health Organizat...

A Concise Treatise on Hard and Soft Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery

Most of the conventional free drugs suffer from high side effects poor adsorption poor solubility high drug dosing minimum efficiency uncontrolled and nonspecific delivery with high cytotoxicity which limit their uses With respect to the chemotherapeutic drugs concern is more because most of the ant...

Green nanomedicines A novel tool to combat Type 2 diabetes?

Nanomedicines are recently gaining enormous attention among scientists in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications On the other hand Diabetes especially Type diabetes is a common disorder which was currently spreading even to the kids and adults due to changing lifestyle and food habits Type dia...

Pharmaceutical Component Kinetics

Inventory dynamic control is crucial
Packaging Material PM components either primary secondary or tertiary are important for the medicinal product identity safety and stability despite they are not part of the dosage forms PM importance is evident from many recalls of drug products recorded in FDA database for various reasons such as...