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Blood-Brain Barrier and CNS Drug Delivery

The central nervous system is protected by barriers which control the passage of various chemical substances and microscopic objects thereby regulating brain homeostasis This results in the incapability of existing pharmaceuticals to pass through the BloodBrain Barrier BBB Therefore the disorders re..

Nanocomposite Hybrid Metal-Organic Framework in Drug Delivery and Theranostic application

MetalOrganic Framework MOF comprises of metal ion coupled with organic ligands ie polymermetal nanocomposite which are a recent advances in chemistry for drug delivery and biomedical application The MOF is porous structure at nanoscale uses an innovative biomaterial which has compatible physicochem..

Nanotherapeutic Intervention in Cancer Disease

Cancer has been spreading worldwide consequently high number of deaths reported The therapeutic intervention involves surgical removal radiation therapy and chemotherapy The conventional technique in the drug regimen lack targeting potential and affecting normal cells of the body However nanomedicin..

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

Applications and Apprehensions

Mesoporous silica Nanoparticles have been extensively investigated as Smart Drug Delivery System for various Biomedical applications including cancer treatment owing to its distinctive structure Biocompatibility and versatility Although extensive research findings are essential concerning toxicity s..

Marine Biomaterials for Drug Delivery Applications

Marine organisms posses a vast range of properties which portray lots of their appropriate biomedical applications for the treatment of wide range of diseases Due to complications and ineffectiveness associated with systemic drug administrations we can use marine materials to develop drugrelease sys..

Antimicrobial Stewardship Prioritising Quality Access to Healthcare

Antimicrobial resistance is a global health priority National and international interventions must account for differences in developing low and middle income countries Countries within Asia can reflect this strategy effectively immediately and to the global health benefit by prioritising quality ac..

The European Lead Factory

A working model for collaborative public-private drug discovery

High throughput screening is a proven strategy for identifying new chemical equity but high costs limit its accessibility In Europe this is being addressed by the European Lead Factory a publicprivate consortium that provides compound libraries screening and medicinal chemistry to academics and SMEs..

FPS Taylor made containment equipments

FPS Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields developing manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions sterile and highly toxic API..

Nanotechnology-based Inhalation Treatment for Lung Cancer

From the decades drug delivery via pulmonary route become an attractive route to treat various diseases Nanotechnology based drug delivery system for pulmonary specially polymeric SLN Liposomal nanoparticles are designed to targeted formulations to the specific site along with improved bioavailabili..

Improving Biopharma Productivity through Optimal Bioreactor Operation

Success rates and blockbuster sales of biologics have made large pharmaceutical companies shift their presence to biopharma Despite growing revenue there turn on innovation has been declining Thus the industry is investing on improved efficiency through strategic management This article discusses im..