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Pharmaceutical Component Kinetics Inventory dynamic control is crucial

Packaging Material PM components either primary secondary or tertiary are important for the medicinal product identity safety and stability despite they are not part of the dosage forms PM importance is evident from many recalls of drug products recorded in FDA database for various reasons such as...

Metal Organic Framework-Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Composite for Controlled Drug Delivery

An approach to solve the problem of premature release of cargo from bare MSN
Most of the chemotherapeutic drugs suffer from uncontrolled and nonspecificdelivery that lead to lethal effects to the body thus limits their usesSosevere side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs

Facing the Autoimmune Epidemic Prevention and treatment by novel vaccines

That autoimmune diseases are on the increase worldwide indicates that they are the result of environmental rather than genetic changes Once believed to be a problem affecting only the West new epidemiological data shows that the incidence of autoimmune conditions

Bio-Inspired Nanomedicine An Emerging Trend For Drug Targeting Into Cancer Cells

The mortality rate increases daytoday due to most vulnerable disease cancer universally and current therapeutic mitigation bears high levels of diversity and complexity in therapeutic regime The systemic application of chemotherapeutic agents often accompanied with serious side and adverse effects a...

Sunlight Assisted Degradation of Waste Chemicals Green Technology for Pharmaceutical Waste Management

For the last few decades the earth is suffering from many environmental problems like global warming water pollution and water scarcity waste disposal and land degradation and management etc Out of these problems recently waste management

Ligand Decorated Theranostic Nanomedicines

A novel therapeutic approach against tumor targeting
The drug absorption in cancer cells from the conventional dosage form is limited due to poor dissolution toxic effect and drug resistance along with debilitating adverse effects such as nausea vomiting temporary loss of physical strength and energy neuropathy and finally organ failure

Industry 4.0: A Closed Micronisation System

FPS is an Italian company specialized in the production of containment and micronisation systems for Pharmaceutical Biotech and Fine Chemical companies

Nanomedicines management for advance therapy of NeuroAIDS: State of art

Introduction The Human Immune deficiency Virus HIV infected brain cells through virus or HIV linked oncogenes The major complication of such infection leads to dementia peripheral neuropathies neurosyphilis meningitis etc The development of neuroAIDS still remains a topic of debate due to multifa...

Mock-up in The Design Stage - FPS’s particular attention

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the production of containment and micronization systems for Pharmaceutical Biotech and Fine Chemical companies In the past years FPS has grown to become the world leader for High Contaiment Isolators for fine powders with over systems installed FPS has a...

MicroRNA (miRNA) in Nanostructure Lipid Carriers based Tumor Gene Therapy

Introduction MicroRNAs is a noncoded double stranded RNAs made of approximately of nucleotides disclosed in by Ambros and Ruvkun laboratories that has significant role in regulation of gene expression at post transcriptional level It has been identified that the noncoding region of mRNA is cap...

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