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Oral Formulation of Bio-pharmaceuticals

Microencapsulation systems with self-controlled macroscopic pores

Microparticles MPs with smart pHsensitive macropores have been developed to overcome major technical challenges in oral delivery of biopharmaceuticals The surface macropores can be employed for direct loading and release of the ingredients in favorable surroundings which eliminates the concerns abou..

Are you Ready for EU FMD?

Urgency, consistency and planning are key

Compliance is a serious issue for Indias pharmaceutical manufacturers distributors and retailers due to the complicated nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain Serialisation requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to invest in new technology and adapt their current processes and systems..

Vaccine Adjuvants

Past, Present, and Future

Adjuvants are immune potentiators administered concurrently with antigens in order to boost vaccine efficacy The need for vaccine adjuvants was established after discovery of safe highly purified but less immunogenic synthetic antigens via innovation in recombinant DNA technology Aluminum salts refe..

Identification of Vaccine Products and Drug Substances by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy

Vaccine manufacturing is a lengthy and complex process therefore introduction of rapid and reliable analytical methods are essential to reduce cycle time for inprocess and quality control testing In cases where confirmation of product identity is needed to make a process testing or batch disposition..

3D Cell Culture Technique

A next generation tumor research in translational medicine

Since decades cancer cell line has been promptly contributed significant understanding of physiology of heterogeneous tissue environment of cancer In the recent years threedimensional 3D cell culture technology has received a new dimension in tumor cell biology in identifying the biological characte..

Life-style, Environment, and Lack of Prediabetes Diagnosis Fueling Diabetic Epidemic

Lifestyle and environmentinduced metabolic derangement primes prediabetes stage with insulin resistance and increased BMI that eventually progresses to diabetes and NAFLD leading to CVD Prediabetes is a natural check point to prevent diabetic epidemic since 70 per cent of prediabetics develop diabet..

Multifunctional Nano-Cargo for Drug Delivery to Tumor Cells

Despite the advancements in tumor biology and medical research in tumor progression there is still a potential threat prevalent in the form of various diseases in human beings Nanotechnology however is in the developing stage for monitoring diagnosis and disease progression Nanomedicine rigorously f..

Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Inhibitors

Marching Towards Curing Cancer?

Cancer is an incurable disease Cancer relapse is credited to a population of cells called as Cancer Stem Cells CSCs These drugresistant cells possess stemlike characters such as pluripotency selfrenewal and differentiation The latest trend in anticancer therapy is to eliminate CSCs so that cancer ca..

Enhancement of the Aqueous Solubility and Permeability of Poorly Water- Soluble Drugs

Drugs demonstrate a pharmacological intended role when its response is significant which depends upon the series of events and subsequent administration At the site of absorption drug solubility in the biological fluid is the ratelimiting step Most of the drugs developed these days posses a poor aqu..

Blood-Brain Barrier and CNS Drug Delivery

The central nervous system is protected by barriers which control the passage of various chemical substances and microscopic objects thereby regulating brain homeostasis This results in the incapability of existing pharmaceuticals to pass through the BloodBrain Barrier BBB Therefore the disorders re..