Target Market

Pharma Focus Asia provides the senior management with the direction they need to make the strategic decisions necessary to capture market share. Our readers represent the leading players in the Asian pharma market and the top global players-your target market. And our dedicated team of researchers ensure that the distribution list is unrivalled in its quality and reach. The readers of Pharma Focus Asia have requested to receive the publication because they recognise the value of its independent reporting. Taking a closer look at the quality of writing and the journalistic integrity, it clearly makes Pharma Focus Asia a powerful prospect for readers.

Business Segments

Pharma Focus Asia's circulation is spread across the following segments:

Biopharmaceuticals Information Technology
Biotechnology Machinery and Instruments
Bulk Drugs Manufacturing
Clinical Trials Packaging
Consulting Pharmaceuticals
Contract Research Speciality Pharmaceuticals
Generics Vaccines

Geographic Circulation

Pharma Focus Asia is published quarterly with a paid circulation of over 13,500 hard book copies and an estimated readership of 95,000 key decision makers globally. More than 90,000 readers receive e-book copies. This translates into an estimated readership base of over 190,000. (Source: Publisher's Survey)

Our readers represent the most important organisations in the Asian and global pharmaceutical market.