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Expert Talk brings the thoughts, views, problems and solutions about a product or company by some of the brightest minds in Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Expert Interview can be provided by technical expert in their work area. However, Pharmaceutical Exclusive interview gives us a glance on particular company/product and their latest innovations. This can be of questions and answers form. Expert Talk identifies the capabilities of an organization and also discusses various things.

The Rising Importance of Containment and Delivery Systems and Latest Trends in The Space

To properly comprehend the important role that containment and delivery systems play in the context of biologics and injectable therapies globally

Enabling the delivery of the poorly soluble and unstable drugs to the site of action

The drug discovery pipeline is composed of around per cent molecules with low solubility

Unveiling the Evolution

A thought leader's insights into the pharmacovigilance industry

Getting exposure very early on in the science and business of pharmacovigilance was a very fortunate thing for me


The significance of harmonisation in pharmacovigilance

In pharmacovigilance harmonisation refers to the collaborative effort among regulatory authorities

Innovative Biotech Ecosystem in Singapore and Asia

Singapore has had a multidecade longterm vision for building a worldclass biomedical cluster

Pharma Focus Asia Patient-centric Drug Delivery

As more of the world reports better access to healthcare the demand for safe effective therapeutics of all kinds will continue to escalate This broad global acceptance of pharmaceutical based healthcare has accelerated the development of more sophisticated medications to treat the unmet needs of an increasing number of patients


Pharma logistics is undergoing profound change throughout Asia as the ageing population drives a growing need for new pharma solutions together with scientific and technology advances that bring disruptive changes to cold chain logistics

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from a CDMO’s Perspective

The primary change we see is that of market dynamics and rapid growth resulting in an increased complexity in the supply chain In an era of globalisation international pharmaceutical and biotech industries are faced with continuous market changes which include



Firstly why should sponsors consider adopting a BYOD approach over other tried and tested electronic approaches ie provisioned eCOAThere is a drive towards greater patientcentricity in todays clinical trialsSimplifying trial participation is a key element of this Enabling patients to use their own mobile devices or computer hardware to pro

How SMEs Can Achieve Regulatory Compliance through a Risk-Based Approach

The complexity and size of clinical trials has intensified over recent years alongside mounting costs and escalating regulatory pressures The introduction of the finalised ICH E R means that organisations across the industry are now reviewing the update to grasp its implications

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