Expert Talk

Expert Talk brings the thoughts, views, problems and solutions about a product or company by some of the brightest minds in Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Expert Interview can be provided by technical expert in their work area. However, Pharmaceutical Exclusive interview gives us a glance on particular company/product and their latest innovations. This can be of questions and answers form. Expert Talk identifies the capabilities of an organization and also discusses various things.

The Asian Healthcare Market

Rapid growth and accompanying increasing regulations lead to the need for serialisation

The Asian market is growing rapidly and along with this expansion comes the issue of drug counterfeiting Bernd offers his insight into the key trends affecting this market and what regulatory authorities are expecting manufacturers to do to combat this dangerous and costly problem..



Pushing the Limits of Temperature Control

Transforming packaging perceptions

Todays pharmaceutical environment has become increasingly complex with more specialty products like biologics injectable and clinical trial drugs being shipped than ever The industry standard for commercial packaging is 120 hours which is no longer always adequate Better temperature control and the..

Biologics’ Drug Delivery Systems

In this interview Peter Soelkner of Vetter discusses drug delivery trends for biologics and in particular prefilled syringes He offers insight into the advantages and challenges of this system for biologics important issues to consider upfront and talks about two differing manufacturing technologies..

Contract Manufacturing in APAC

An innovative solution provider - Vetter

In this executive management interview Peter Soelkner of Vetter explains the companys strategy behind its increased APAC presence offers his insights on the position of the APAC region as compared to other world markets and discusses the advantages that can result when large pharma and smallemerging..

Peptides Remain a Growth Story

Bachem\\\'s strategic refocus

Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..

Clinical Trials in China

China from other competitors such as India Russia and Brazil is that there are many patients in China who can afford expensive products In fact just about all of the multinational pharmaceutical companies have inlicensing groups that are particularly focussed on oncology..

Effective Interactions

Institute - Industry

R S Gaud is a senior academician in Pharma Sciences since the last 30 years and is responsible for shaping the Pharmacy division at NMIMS University He also has worked as an advisor at All India Council Technical Education for five years He is also a member of CII National Committee of Drugs Pharma..

M&A and Partnerships in Pharma

Indian scenario

Indias growing respect and legal regulatory framework for IPR favourable economic policies resulting into attractive investment destination and availability of huge talent pool for sustaining and growing operations is making India an attractive destination for multinationals now..

M&A and Partnerships in Pharma

Rising opportunities

Because RD productivity is a problem for pharma the partnering opportunities are basically seen in licensing and acquisitions..