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Expert Talk brings the thoughts, views, problems and solutions about a product or company by some of the brightest minds in Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Expert Interview can be provided by technical expert in their work area. However, Pharmaceutical Exclusive interview gives us a glance on particular company/product and their latest innovations. This can be of questions and answers form. Expert Talk identifies the capabilities of an organization and also discusses various things.

Pharma Focus Asia Patient-centric Drug Delivery

As more of the world reports better access to healthcare the demand for safe effective therapeutics of all kinds will continue to escalate This broad global acceptance of pharmaceutical based healthcare has accelerated the development of more sophisticated medications to treat the unmet needs of an increasing number of patients


Pharma logistics is undergoing profound change throughout Asia as the ageing population drives a growing need for new pharma solutions together with scientific and technology advances that bring disruptive changes to cold chain logistics

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from a CDMO’s Perspective

The primary change we see is that of market dynamics and rapid growth resulting in an increased complexity in the supply chain In an era of globalisation international pharmaceutical and biotech industries are faced with continuous market changes which include



Firstly why should sponsors consider adopting a BYOD approach over other tried and tested electronic approaches ie provisioned eCOA There is a drive towards greater patientcentricity in todays clinical trials Simplifying trial participation is a key element of this Enabling patients to use their own mobile devices or computer hardware to pro

How SMEs Can Achieve Regulatory Compliance through a Risk-Based Approach

The complexity and size of clinical trials has intensified over recent years alongside mounting costs and escalating regulatory pressures The introduction of the finalised ICH E R means that organisations across the industry are now reviewing the update to grasp its implications

The Asian Healthcare Market

Rapid growth and accompanying increasing regulations lead to the need for serialisation

Can you briefly inform us what your company does and what its service portfolio offers Vetter is an independent globally operating Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation CDMO As a solution provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry we specialise in the development aseptic manufacturing and final packaging of prefilled syri...


What do you think are currently the landmark achievements in pharmacogenomics In his State of the Union address US President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative Its to enable a new era of medicine through research technology and policies that empower patients researchers and providers to work together toward development of...

Pushing the Limits of Temperature Control

Transforming packaging perceptions

What is the current state of temperaturecontrolled transport Todays pharmaceutical environment has become increasingly complex with more specialty products like biologics injectable and clinical trial drugs being shipped than ever which in turn raises the stakes and the costs of mishandling There is a greater need for more sophisticated and pe...

Biologics’ Drug Delivery Systems

To begin what trends do you see in drug delivery systems for biologic drugs There are several trends that we see in drug delivery systems in general and more specifically in the fast and continuously growing biologic drug sector The first trend is the need for drug delivery systems that are patient friendly This means the development of drugs...

Contract Manufacturing in APAC

An innovative solution provider - Vetter

For our readers acquaintance with Vetter can you briefly discuss what the company does and the service portfolio it offers Vetter is a globally operating independent Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization CDMO headquartered in Ravensburg Germany We are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and specialise...

Peptides Remain a Growth Story

Bachem\\\'s strategic refocus

Since we were among the very first to supply peptide chemists around the world with the necessary tools to make peptides and soon had the biggest selection of such amino acid derivatives available from stock

Clinical Trials in China

What are the prospects for conducting clinical trials in China There are a number of driving factors that make China very attractive for conducting clinical trials People are already aware of most of these factorsrelatively inexpensive market in China its growth potential and reasonably easy access to patients Additionally there has been an incr...

Effective Interactions

Institute - Industry

How different are the industryacademia relations in India compared with the US and European countries In India industryacademia interrelations are not very strong Both industry and academia are not taking necessary initiatives to strengthen the relations as they do not consider this as a priority issue On the contrary in the US and European coun...

M&A and Partnerships in Pharma

Rising opportunities

Where do the current partnering opportunities lie for Pharma and biotech Because RD productivity is a problem for pharma the partnering opportunities are basically seen in licensing and acquisitions There are many opportunities because this year itself you have seen the speed of deal making in the US and in Europe between all kind of companies on...

Industry-Academia Interactions

How different are the industryacademia relations in India compared with the US and European countries In India industryacademia interrelations are not very strong Both industry and academia are not taking necessary initiatives to strengthen the relations as they do not con

M&A and Partnerships in Pharma

Indian scenario

Where do the current partnering opportunities lie for Pharma and biotech Partnering opportunities exist across all segments of the Industry namely drug discovery development clinical trials data management IT manufacturing and marketing With more multinational companies showing interest the MA activity in India is expected to go up in t

Public Private Partnerships

Why do you think PPPs are necessary in the current scenario The global pharmaceutical industry is in the middle of a pipeline crisis The number of incidences of approved drugs being withdrawn from the market and the molecules from development is increasing Added to this the looming loss of revenue from a number of blockbuster drugs going off paten...


What lies ahead?

How different are Biosimilars from traditional generics in terms of manufacturing and approval The differences between traditional generics and biosimilars are really quite fundamental Biologicals are orders of magnitude more complex both in structure and in terms of impurity profile compared to small molecules As a consequence of this increased...

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

The challenges

How is India placed in this market India has kept excellent pace when it comes to adoption of international regulatory standards especially with respect to facility and equipments Indian companies have the muscle to build quality plants and machinery and this is evident from the highest number of US FDAapproved plants in India outside of USA An...

M&A in Pharma Expert Views

Sujay J Shetty, Associate Director, Pharma Life Sciences , Advisory Corporate Finance, PriceWaterhousecoopers, India

From and Indian biotech pharma companys pointofview what is better a partnership or an acquisition It is difficult to answer because it is different for each company It depends on the strategies and the objectives of the acquirer If they feel they have specific skills that they can tap into which can be better addressed in partnership for exampl...

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