Patient Recruitment and Retention

Creating Effective Strategies


Translational Medicine

Strengthening presence in Asia Pacific

Translational Medicine points to a paradigm shift in the way drugs are manufactured..

Electronic Document Management

Mandate from May 2017

Pharmaceutical regulators are becoming more cautious about approving innovative medicines for consumers safety The US Food and Drug Administration FDA has established many regulations that govern the development testing and production processes of drugs As part of streamlining these processes and ad..

Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry

Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry


R&D to Manufacturing

Evolution of disease treatments


Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance


Gearing up for Post-Blockbuster Era

The cover story of this issue by Brian D Smith from PragMedic UK provides an insightful analysis of six great shifts transforming the pharma industry The article covers shifts in value network and information globally along with the systemic shift and trimorphic shift Dr Smith explores the implicati..

Pharma Industry

Breaking new ground

New tools and innovative developments in technology have played a key role in the field of medicine One such technology that is enabling great amount of efficiencies in pharmaceutical development is mobile phones This technology which has revolutionised sharing of information digitally has wide appl..

Research & Development

Nanotechnology Promise

Nanotech presents many opportunities to pharmaceutical giants ranging from better delivery of existing drugs to entirely new therapies based on nanomaterials Matthew Nordan Vice President Research Lux Research..

Personalised Medicine

What next?

An innovative approach to overcome the risk factors and stem the failure of drugs which are often developed on a trial and error basis the concept of personalised medicine comes with its own share of benefits and challenges..