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Vaccine Development

The rise of human challenge trials

Vaccines and antivirals have been the fundamental pillars in the battle against infectious diseases

Real-World Evidence

Opportunities & challenges

Realworld evidence RWE is increasingly valued by pharmaceutical companies for its ability to complement and enhance the evidence generated from traditional clinical trials

Pharma R&D

A post-pandemic renaissance

Welcome to the th edition of Pharma Focus Asia Magazine

Glocalisation in Pharma

Facilitating the industry growth

The pandemic made medicine accessibility challenging worldwide

Executives Special Issue

Pharma perspectives and insights

Our Executive Special issues are designed to focus on a theme or a sector trend This allows the magazines advisory board and author community to share their perspectives and insights on key issues impacting and influencing the pharma industry

Future of Pharmacovigilance

Emerging role of AI

Healthcare data plays a key role in improving quality of life as accurate data can help doctors patients and other stakeholders involved take the right decisions

Indian Pharma

Innovation paves the way for growth

The Indian pharma industry has played a crucial role in supporting the global battle against the COVID pandemic by supplying essential drugs and vaccines

Transformation through Digital Innovation

The COVID pandemic has accelerated change like never before and digital transformation is reshaping business models across industries including pharmaceuticals Adaptability to changing market conditions has pushed companies to evaluate and renew their business models around sustainability

Biosimilars and Biologics

Opportunities for blockbuster growth

The COVID pandemic has impacted many industries alike and the impact on biosimilars market was no different Lockdowns causing short fall of resources delays in clinical trials slowdown in FDA approvals of nonCOVID drugs have influenced the RD activities and the biosimilars pipeline

Life Sciences and The Ecosystem Paradigm

In April this year three companiesUS real estate investment company Harrison Street UK real estate group Trinity Investment Management and Nottinghambased science business incubator BioCitymerged to create Britains largest life sciences ecosystem to strengthen RD and drug discovery in the country

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